Questions About Grass Pricing, Availability, and Delivery

If you have questions about grass pricing, availability, and delivery please use our Grasstimator & Quick Quote Tool

Installation Referrals in Austin

The Grass Outlet is a leading turfgrass grower and distributor in the Central Texas region. Please see below the list of the following contractors that purchase and install our grass varieties.

  • TGO Installations ♦ (512) 944-7100
    TGO Installations has installed grass provided by The Grass Outlet for over a decade.  They generally offer a quicker turnaround time and a more economical sod installation service.
  • Grass Works ♦ (512) 797-1640
    Grass Works is a landscaping and lawn maintenance company with a team of crews performing a wide variety of lawn services.
  • Be Green Lighting & Landscapes ♦ ♦ (512)538-5209
    Be Green is a landscape company specializing in landscape installation and lighting.
  • Longhorn Lawns (512) 394-7152
    Longhorn Lawns specializes in residential landscape management and design.
  • PRT Landscaping & General Contracting ♦ ♦ (512) 709-6344
    PRT offers most services when it comes to landscaping or contracting.
  • Paul’s Lawn & Landscape ♦ (512) 553-5296
    Paul’s Lawn specializes in landscape design, outdoor living, full-service maintenance, and more.

Irrigation Repair Referrals in Austin

It’s essential to have your irrigation in good working order before new grass installation. It’s also crucial to regularly monitor, inspect, and repair your irrigation system to maintain a healthy lawn.

  • Heartland Sprinklers (512) 202-2858 ♦ Brian Stewart/LI0019934
    Heartland Sprinklers specializes in irrigation repairs, maintenance, and re-vamps. Although their primary focus is the services mentioned above, they also offer new irrigation installation.