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Installation Referrals in Austin

The Grass Outlet is a leading turfgrass grower and distributor in the Central Texas region.  Please see below the list of the following contractors that purchase and install our grass varieties.


TGO Installations https://www.tgoinstallations.com/  512-944-7100
TGO Installations has installed grass provided by The Grass Outlet for over a decade.  They generally offer a quicker turnaround time and a more economical sod installation service.


Grass Works  https://www.grassworksaustin.com/  512-797-1640
Grass Works is a landscaping and lawn maintenance company with a team of crews performing a wide variety of lawn services.


Be Green  http://www.begreen2day.com/  512-538-5209
Be Green is a landscape company specializing in landscape installation and lighting.


Longhorn Lawns   https://www.longhornlawnsaustin.com/   512-394-7152
Longhorn Lawns specializes in residential landscape management and design.


PRT  https://www.prtlandscaping.com/   512-709-6344
PRT offers most services when it comes to landscaping or contracting.


Paul’s Lawn  http://www.paulslawnaustin.com/  512-553-5296
Paul’s Lawn specializes in landscape design, outdoor living, full-service maintenance, and more.