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Celebration Bermuda grass is dark blue-green with very high drought tolerance. Due to its low natural height, Celebration is renowned for requiring less mowing compared to other Bermuda varieties as well as growing density and resistance to wear.  Celebration expands quickly after planting and it’s also a bit more shade-tolerant than most other Bermuda varities. Celebration is resilient and grows in many soil and weather conditions and it’s hardiness allows it to thrive where other vatieties stress.


  • Mowing Frequency: Moderate
  • Mowing Height: 0.5 - 1.5 in
  • Drought Tolerance: Exceptional
  • Cold Tolerance: Exceptional
  • Fall Color Retention: Exceptional
  • Salt Tolerance: High
  • Injury Recovery: Exceptional
  • Shade Tolerance: Poor
  • Wear Resistance: Exceptional
  • Weed Resistance: High
  • Spring Green Up: High

Insect Tolerance

  • Web Worms: Poor
  • Chinch Bugs: Exceptional
  • Army Worms: Poor

Disease Tolerance

  • Decline: High
  • Brown Patch: High
  • Grey Leaf Spot: High