About The Company and History

June 28, 2021 | Grass, posted by Dejan

The Grass Outlet is a family-operated company that comes from a long tradition of service. The family-run business dates back to the 1980s when Red Piwonka founded “Red’s Grass Farm. Red Piwonka, the grandfather of current owner Mike Piwonka, was the first of the Piwonka family members to get into the grass industry. Now, having seven sons and three daughters, almost every Piwonka family member has been involved in the family business at one point or another.

Fast forward to 2007, Mike Piwonka and his father founded The Grass Outlet in Austin, TX, as a retail company that would deliver sod grass to contractors and businesses all over the Central Texas area. Considering the wide range of grass types that The Grass Outlet sold at the time, dealing with and depending on a number of third-party grass providers became a normal part of the business. This brought Mike and his father a wealth of knowledge regarding the different sod types that customers wanted most, and they took this knowledge with them as The Grass Outlet expanded into new territories.

In 2014, The Grass Outlet secured a huge plot of land and started its own company-owned grass farm. This farm allowed The Grass Outlet to consistently maintain high-quality grass standards while also cultivating a variety of different types of grass. The Grass Outlet now grows and harvests all of the grass it delivers to customers all over the state of Texas.

The company is still a family-owned business, with multiple generations playing a part in making The Grass Outlet a successful operation. From farm management to sales, and more, family members play a role in the close-knit company culture of The Grass Outlet. At The Grass Outlet, we take pride in what we do, and we make it our priority to satisfy our customers with premier sod grass that meets their needs.