Palisades Zoysia is a medium blade Zoysia grass that’s quickly become popular to Texas homeowners due to its visually pleasing appearance and versatility.  With a leaf blade smaller than St. Augustine and larger than Bermudagrass, Palisades does well in a wide range of lawn environments and soil types.  Homeowners opting for Palisades Zoysia sod appreciate its easy installation process, which rapidly transforms bare spots into lush, green lawns. Palisades performs better in the shade than most other warm season grasses but needs adequate sunlight to thrive. When properly maintained, Palisades grows an extensive root system which allows for better drought tolerance and exhibits a dense green turf. 

Key Points

  • Growth Density and Texture: Exhibits a dense growth pattern with a medium to coarse leaf texture.
  • Sunlight and Shade Tolerance: Adapts well to moderate shade.
  • Drought Resistance: Exhibits remarkable low water needs, capable of surviving prolonged dry spells without water.
  • Growth Rate: Faster than Zeon but slower than Bermuda and St. Augustine grass types. Growth is more vigorous when planted in its ideal soil type and environment.
  • Disease and Insect Resistance: Shows resistance to various common turf pests and diseases.
  • Mowing Requirements: Has a mowing flexibility with the ability to be cut down to ½ inch.
  • pH Preferences: Ideally 6.0-7.0 pH
  • Weed Resistance: Provides weed deterrence due to its dense growth.
  • Fertilization Needs: Requires a balanced application of fertilizer for optimal growth.
  • Suitable Environments: Suitable for residential lawn projects, golf courses, roadway medians, and commercial green spaces.

Palisades Zoysia Care Recommendations

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  • Mowing Frequency: Low
  • Mowing Height: 1 - 3 in
  • Drought Tolerance: Moderate
  • Cold Tolerance: High
  • Fall Color Retention: High
  • Injury Recovery: Moderate
  • Shade Tolerance: Exceptional
  • Wear Resistance: Moderate
  • Weed Resistance: High
  • Spring Green Up: Moderate

Insect Tolerance

  • Web Worms: High
  • Chinch Bugs: Exceptional
  • Army Worms: Exceptional

Disease Tolerance

  • Decline: Exceptional
  • Brown Patch: High
  • Grey Leaf Spot: High

Palisades Zoysia Grass Sod - Frequently Asked Questions

Palisades Zoysia, while highly tolerant of shade, still needs sunlight to maintain its density and health, like all warm-season grasses.

Palisades Zoysia grass can be planted at any time throughout the year, including its dormant periods.

To care for Palisades Zoysia sod, it’s important to install it correctly any time of the year, even during its dormant phase, and to water it promptly. Regular mowing to keep the grass between 1 to 3 inches helps in maintaining its lushness and health, always following the rule of not cutting more than a third of the blade at once.

Providing 3-4 lbs of nitrogen per thousand square feet each year, along with appropriate use of herbicides, is essential for a weed-free and robust lawn. Also, managing soil health and monitoring for diseases or pests, while using treatments judiciously, is crucial in sustaining the vitality of Palisades Zoysia grass.