• A forklift is sent with the truck to off-load the pallets when necessary.
  • Not sure? Click here to browse the different varieties available in your area & use our convenient "Performance Sliders" on the left side of the page to narrow your search and find the perfect grass for your lawn!
  • *We have a 1 pallet minimum and aren't able to sell partial pallets. Each pallet covers 450sqft. To determine the amount needed, divide your total area by 450. This will result in the number of pallets needed to cover your project.
  • How soon are you expecting to need your sod delivered?
  • Pallets are delivered by a full-sized 18 wheeler so sufficient room for the truck to access the home or job-site and turn around to exit are necessary. Check the box below to verify there will be good access. Discrepancies may lead to additional charges.
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