Plant Sod Immediately

Timely installation of your new grass is necessary for its healthy establishment, and planting on your delivery day is ideal. The longer the grass sits on a pallet, the more it will stress, discolor, and struggle to establish post-installation. 

We’ve Added Extra!

The top few layers of the pallet usually stress & dry out more because these grass blocks are more exposed to the elements. Because the top layer pieces occasionally do not establish, we add a little extra to each pallet. Installing stressed blocks in a less visible area and giving those pieces extra attention when watering is strongly recommended.

Post-Harvest Yellowing is Normal

It is not unusual for grass to stress after being harvested & transported, especially during the summer months. Signs of standard transplant shock are yellowing or discoloration, blade shrinkage & curling, and some dryness. As you work towards the bottom of the pallet, you will likely notice that the grass is more stressed, especially during hotter months or a day+ after delivery. Please note that The Grass Outlet does not paint its grass green as some nurseries and box store chains do because we want our customers to gauge their grass’s overall health during and after sod installation.

Every Piece Will Not Be Perfect

Further, it is not abnormal for some pieces to be misshapen, have varying soil depth, have some roots exposed, or be challenging to install without some breakage. Please proceed to lay all of the sod and get it watered in. If you install the sod promptly onto moist, loosened soil, these pieces will take root and fill in with proper watering & time. Suppose some of your grass blocks break apart as you are handling & installing them. In that case, set the smaller & irregularly shaped pieces to the side so that you can use these pieces to fill in gaps & oddly shaped spaces. Doing this will eliminate or reduce the need to cut up whole blocks and save you time & energy.

Review All Resources, Policies, & Disclaimers Before Ordering

Please be sure to look at our article Common Grass Concerns: Day of Delivery, which will walk you through typical signs of transplant & heat stress. There are also a few pictures illustrating the most common symptoms of transplant stress for your visual reference. 

If you have a concern, be sure to contact us on the delivery day by filling out our online Concerns Form. Make sure to capture & upload some photos of the problem, including a few closeups and a few wide-angle shots reflecting the issue & the corresponding quantity.

Never Delay Your Same-Day Planting!

Please be sure to continue to install all of the grass so that you can complete the installation, irrigate promptly, and sod roll, all of which you should complete on the delivery day. Your concern submission and photos will be documented and forwarded to our Grass Care Team & Farm Manager. Our team will investigate the issue and contact you as soon as possible. 

We Proudly Stand Behind Our Grass Products!

Additionally, suppose a problem is deemed excessive to the extent that it will inhibit grass establishment. In that case, we will escalate the issue & reach out with any information regarding a refund, credit, or replacement grass, should any of these apply. Remember, you should never delay planting all of the grass. Most common concerns are resolved a few weeks post-installation when the grass is promptly installed & watered appropriately. 

Delivery Day Tips:

  • Have extra topsoil on hand to build up areas as needed.
  • Do NOT use compost or Dillo Dirt! Instead, opt for loam soil.
  • Loosen the topsoil with a landscaping rake before beginning the install.
  • Document any concerns you have with photos as you complete the install.
  • The top layer of each pallet is extra grass that may dry out & discolors more. Look at the grass a few layers down for a better idea of the grass’s condition.
  • Do not treat the topsoil or new grass with high-nitrogen or fast-release fertilizers.
  • Clear the driveway so the driver can drop the pallets with his forklift.
  • Thoroughly review all of our Grass Care pages before delivery.

Delivery Day Tools:

  • Landscaping Rake
  • Sharp Tool – Such as a machete, sod knife, garden edger, etc.
  • Sod Roller
  • Irrigation System or Garden Hose with Hose-End Sprinkler
  • Extra Loam Topsoil
  • Wheel Barrow (for transporting grass)
  • PPE – Such as landscaping gloves, long-sleeved clothes, long socks, boots, etc.