Composition of the soil

Healthy Soil = Healthy Grass

Healthy, well-draining soil is crucial to maintaining a dense, pest-free turf lawn. Soil testing will enable you to properly correct pH & nutrient imbalances, compaction & drainage issues, and balance the soil’s ecosystem. Sending off your soil sample & receiving the lab results will take time, so the first step will be to order a soil kit so you have it on hand and ready to ship to the lab. is an excellent resource for soil testing. Although they generally have a quicker turnaround than your local Ag Extension, it can take a couple of weeks to ship the kit both ways. For this reason, it is pragmatic to have the kit on hand when you are ready to take the samples & ship them off once the ground preparations are complete. You can read more about soil testing on

Warnings & Tips

  • Soil Testing will take approximately 8 to 14 days.
  • For accurate results, do not test your soil before applying herbicides or using the solarization method.
  • will provide a customized prescription lawn care plan, taking the guesswork out of soil amending.
  • Results in as quick as 48 hours once the lab receives the kit.
  • During high season, it may take longer for’s lab to process the results. Make sure to speak with a rep about timeframes.

What You’ll Need

  • Internet access
  • Landscaping Gloves *Optional*
  • Other PPE *Optional*

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