At The Grass Outlet, we like to say a watered lawn is a well-kept lawn. When our customers shop with us, we continue to offer resources online to help maintain their lawns. Our top suggestion for a happy lawn? Proper irrigation, of course!

You’re probably wondering, are you watering your lawn correctly? We can help you answer that!

The Amount of Water It Takes

Yes, there is such a thing as too much water and we want you to know just how much can be damaging to your lawn.

What about watering during a drought season? We’ve got the tips for that too!

Aeration: Beyond Watering

Introducing aeration to your lawn care methodology can do wonders for grass’ growth. Aeration is the process of poking holes in your lawn to allow for effective nutrient and water absorption to help alleviate soil compaction. The result? Healthy roots and a stress-free lawn.

For those considering a sprinkler system for easier lawn irrigation, we’ve got a helpful comparison guide on regular vs automatic sprinkler systems.

The Grass Outlet is the leading grass seller in Texas. You can shop different types of grass today and follow our maintenance and care guides for the best results. For more information, you can contact our nearest location to you.