Tifway 419 is a hybrid Bermudagrass developed in Tifton, Georgia, at The University of Georgia’s Coastal Plain Experiment Station.  Tifway became the most widely distributed warm-season turf in the United States and has been the most widely used Bermudagrass in Texas for decades.  Tifway is a fine-bladed, full sun grass and, when consistently mowed low, develops a low, dense turf that makes it popular for sporting applications and home lawns. As Texas has experienced population growth and strains on water supplies, the demand for Tifway has risen at new home build sites due to its higher drought tolerance than St. Augustinegrass. 

Key Points

  • Growth Density and Texture: Exhibits a deep green hue with a finely textured appearance.
  • Sunlight and Shade Tolerance: Zero shade tolerance.
  • Drought Resistance: Highly resistant to drought and receptive to irrigation during dry periods.
  • Growth Rate: Rapid dense growth.
  • Disease and Insect Resistance: Displays tolerance against chinch bugs, as well as diseases like decline virus, brown patch, and grey leaf spot.
  • Mowing Requirements: Ideal mowing height ranges between ½ to 1½ inches.
  • pH Preferences: Very adaptable
  • Weed Resistance: Excellent weed resistance owing to its dense and rapid top growth.
  • Fertilization Requirements: Requires a high frequency of fertilization.
  • Suitable Environments: commercial spaces, golf courses, residential areas, sports fields due to its excellent cushioning effect when cut at the right height​.

419 Tifway Bermuda Care Recommendations

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  • Mowing Frequency: High
  • Mowing Height: 1 - 2 in
  • Drought Tolerance: Exceptional
  • Cold Tolerance: High
  • Fall Color Retention: Low
  • Injury Recovery: Exceptional
  • Shade Tolerance: Poor
  • Wear Resistance: Moderate
  • Weed Resistance: Moderate
  • Spring Green Up: Low

Insect Tolerance

  • Web Worms: Poor
  • Chinch Bugs: Exceptional
  • Army Worms: Poor

Disease Tolerance

  • Decline: High
  • Brown Patch: High
  • Grey Leaf Spot: High

Tifway 419 - Frequently Asked Questions

To fertilize Tifway 419 Bermuda grass effectively, apply 5-6 pounds of nitrogen per thousand square feet annually, avoiding over-fertilization to prevent lawn issues like Brown Patch fungal disease and grub worms. It’s important to balance this with good cultural practices and healthy soil management, complementing the fertilization with appropriate use of pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides as part of a comprehensive lawn care routine.

Avoid planting Tif in shaded areas, since it needs more than 8 hours of direct sunlight to thrive.