Are you interested in buying grass in McKinney?

Are you living in McKinney, Texas and unsatisfied with the current state of your lawn? If it’s a grass problem, there’s a Grass Outlet solution. The Grass Outlet is one of the top sod and turf providers in Texas. With statewide deliveries and top notch, coastal grown turf products, the Grass Outlet is what you’re looking for if you’re consider a lawn makeover. The Grass Outlet has gotten used to happy customers, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re another one. We grow and sell several different grass varieties, just because we want to make sure we stock one that is sure to please you. Because our business is completely family owned and ran we don’t source out for anything; that means deliveries. That’s right, when you order with us, we’ll be the ones who show up at your front door with your new lawn in tow.

Best Sellers for the Dallas Area:

A Tradition of Excellence In Grass

Because The Grass Outlet is family-owned and ran there’s no one on staff that we don’t trust to offer excellent service. When we first started selling grass to all of Texas from our farm located on the Texas coast, buyers were surprised by the quality. Now we hope it’s come to be expected. By ordering from The Grass Outlet you’re not taking a risk, but ensuring that you’ll receive reasonably priced quality grass.

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Contact us at the Grass Outlet today. Our site is designed to make online ordering easy and satisfying. We have our handy Grasstimator to help you decide how much grass you’ll need and how much it’ll cost you. Simply by typing in your zip code we can generate accurate and reasonable prices that are specific to your area.

We deliver to these McKinney zip codes:


Ideal For Such Subdivisions As:

  • Reserve at Westridge
  • Stonebridge Ranch
  • Westridge
  • Wyndsor Grove
  • Ridgecrest