Visit our storefront location in Austin, where we keep select varieties of St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia by the piece or pallet in stock daily! Contact us to place an order in advance to pick up grass:

View and compare the sample plots of the 8 varieties we grow and harvest on our farms year round! Feel free to walk on and feel the sample plots or see the incoming shipments of grass we have come in daily. You can also discuss your lawn needs with our staff and place an order for future delivery to your home.

VarietyFull Pallet Pre-Order Price
160 pieces
Full Pallet Same-Day Price
160 pieces
1/2 Pallet
80 pieces
(10 piece min.)
Raleigh St. Augustine*$220$350$175*$2.50*
Texas Native St. Augustine$230Pre-Order Only$190/
Palmetto St. Augustine $240Pre-Order Only$200/
Celebration Bermuda$240Pre-Order Only$200/
419 Tifway Bermuda*$240$350$175$2.50*
Palisades Zoysia*$315$446$223*$3*
Zeon ZoysiaComing Soon May 2024///
*Stocked Daily ~ While Supplies Last 1 pallet = 450 sqft., 1 piece = 2.67 sqft.
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Order Information: Varieties by the full pallet that are not kept in stock can be ordered in advance online with the “Pick UP“ option selected at check out or by phone – 512-580-8162 and enter #2 to talk to someone about picking up grass.

Half pallets and pieces of certain varieties are stocked daily on a first come first serve basis unless reserved ahead of time. Pre-order by phone at 512-580-8162 and enter #2 to talk to someone about picking up grass. 10 Piece Minimum Order.