How Much is a Pallet of Sod Near Me?

April 16, 2024 | Grass, posted by Andrea


When you decide to arrange a garden or yard, one of the first things to pay attention to is the choice of sod for the lawn and how much it costs. By choosing high-quality sod, you lay the foundation for a healthy and beautiful lawn. Quality sod is not only aesthetically appealing but also durable and resistant to various weather conditions and diseases.

A neat lawn is not just soil and grass; it’s a gathering place, a playground, and a relaxation spot. Therefore, it’s essential to choose the type of grass and a sufficient amount of sod that will support all these activities, providing you and your family with a beautiful and functional place to enjoy.

Through this text, we will bring you closer to the process of investing in sod. In addition to answering the most crucial question about the price of sod, we will also answer the following questions:

  • What affects the price of sod, and how is the price range formed?
  • How much sod do you need to form a lawn?
  • What are the additional costs in the process of buying sod?
  • Where can you purchase sod near you?

Let’s go in order. 

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Understanding the Prices of Sod

The price of sod is not universal; it depends on many factors, including:

  • the chosen type of grass, 
  • the quality of the sod, and 
  • the geographical characteristics of the location in which it grew. 

Understanding these factors is very useful if you are about to invest in buying sod, as it will make it easier to make a decision.

Once you gain insight into the specifics that influence the formation of sod prices, you will confidently approach the market, choosing the best possible option for your backyard.

The Type of Grass

The type of grass is one of the main factors that influence the price of sod. Different types of grass adapt to various climatic conditions and soil types, and their maintenance requirements, resilience, and aesthetic appearance can significantly differ. 

For instance, specialized grass types that are drought-resistant or intended for high-usage areas may be more expensive than more common varieties. Grasses such as Bermuda, Zoysia, and St. Augustine are popular for their durability and aesthetics. Still, their prices can vary based on their specific characteristics and the care invested in their cultivation.

Sod Quality 

The quality of the sod plays a crucial role in its price. High-quality sod should have a dense and healthy root system and, of course, be free from weeds and diseases. It is usually grown over an extended period and requires more care during cultivation, including regular watering, fertilization, and pest protection. 

Dedicated care ensures that the sod is healthy and ready for growth once installed, but this also contributes to higher costs. Investing in higher quality sod can lead to better success in establishment and lower maintenance costs over time, making it a worthy consideration for buyers.

Geographical Location 

The region where the sod was grown significantly affects its price. Factors such as climate, availability of certain types of grass, and transportation costs play a role. Prices may be more competitive in areas where the climate is suitable for growing a wide range of grass types. Conversely, if the sod needs to be transported from far away, additional delivery costs can increase the price. 

Also, the cost of living and business operations in different regions can affect the price of sod. For example, sod may be more expensive in urban or wealthier areas compared to rural locations.

The Grass Outlet offers competitive pricing for high-quality sod tailored to the Texas climate. There are several varieties we grow and harvest on our farms year-round.

Factors Influencing Costs 

Different types of grasses come with varying costs, from purchase to installation and maintenance. Speaking of Texas, the most popular grass varieties are Bermuda, St. Augustine, and Zoysia, primarily due to their resilience and adaptability to the Texan climate. These are precisely the types of grass you can find at The Grass Outlet. 

The choice among these varieties depends on the specific needs of your lawn, aesthetic preferences, and budget constraints. Each type of grass offers unique benefits and challenges, with prices reflecting those characteristics and the care required for them to thrive in the diverse climate of Texas.

Bermuda grass is known for its drought resistance and ability to withstand high temperatures. It thrives in sunny, dry areas, tolerates foot traffic well, and grows aggressively. It requires more frequent mowing.

You will recognize St. Augustine grass by its shade tolerance and ability to flourish in the more humid regions of Texas. St. Augustine has a lush and dense appearance.

Zoysia grass is popular for its fine texture and density, offering a luxurious look and softness as you walk on it. It is versatile, performs well in various weather conditions across Texas, and is a good choice for lawns with both shady and sunny areas. It can handle less frequent traffic.

Purchasing by Pallet or Piece 

When planning to establish a new lawn or repair parts of an existing one, it’s essential to understand the quantities of grass you can order and the area it should cover. You will purchase sod in three main ways: by the half-pallet, full pallet, and some varieties can be purchased by the piece. A single pallet covers a specific area, usually about 450 square feet

This standard size can vary slightly depending on the supplier, but 450 square feet is a common reference point. However, allowing a 5-10% variance is always recommended when planning how much grass to buy.

Buying by the pallet is cost-effective for large projects, such as installing a new lawn or undertaking large-scale landscaping work. For smaller projects or spot repairs, purchasing sod by the piece or half-pallet is practical. Each piece typically covers about 2.67 square feet; a half-pallet will get you about 200-225 sq ft coverage. This option allows for precise purchasing, reduces potential waste, and ensures you buy what you need.

Sod Delivery Costs

Location-related factors, including the distance from the supplier, local availability of grass types, and transportation costs, also influence the price of sod.

Transporting sod from the farm to your home can significantly affect the overall costs. The greater the distance, the likely higher the transportation costs, which can increase the final price of the sod. Addresses in areas that are more challenging for semi-trucks to maneuver will also affect costs, as will the quantity of sod grass ordered.

The Grass Outlet delivers to many parts of Texas, and prices will vary based on your location. A cost-effective solution for local customers is that they can pick up sod at our locations in North and South Austin, thus avoiding transportation costs. It is crucial to consider the weight of grass before scheduling a pick-up so that you can assess your pay and tow loads. Each grass piece weighs about 20 lbs, a half-pallet about 1,500 lbs, and a full pallet weighs around 3,000 lbs. 

How Much Sod Do I Need? Making an Accurate Calculation 

To determine how many pallets you need, you first have to measure the total area of your lawn. With accurate measurements, you ensure that you neither order too little nor too much sod, as either scenario creates unnecessary expenses or delays in your landscaping project. We have made the Grasstimator tool to help estimate the area and facilitate this process automatically. 

It’s crucial to measure the length and width. If you have irregularly shaped areas, you can calculate those separately (by dividing them into smaller, more regular-shaped sections and then measuring each segment individually). 

Once you’ve multiplied the width and length of the lawn and added the areas of specific, irregular parts, divide by the area covered by one pallet of sod, i.e., 450 square feet, to determine the number of pallets needed. 

Another method is to extend the measurement area to form a square or rectangle if the lawn is irregularly shaped (with curved lines or sharp angles), making it easier to calculate the area size. 

After measuring, add 5-10% to the total area because, during installation, you may be short of material to cover some smaller, irregular parts – in corners, around trees, etc. Sod is available in pre-cut rectangles, stacked or rolled. 

We advise that for lawns with a small area, it’s better to buy sod by the piece or half-pallet, while for areas larger than 400 square feet, purchasing by pallets is a better option. 

The service and friendly staff at The Grass Outlet are always at your disposal, and we can help you make a reasonable calculation at any time during business hours.

selling by pallet, half pallet and by piece

How Much Does Sod Cost?

The Grass Outlet proudly offers several types of grasses cultivated throughout the year.

Let’s look at the current prices** of the most popular grass varieties.

For Raleigh St. Augustine, the prices are as follows:

  • A full pallet (160 pieces) in pre-order is $220, and the same-day price is $350.
  • Half a pallet (80 pieces) is $175.
  • A piece (minimum order of 10) costs $2.50/ea.

If you choose Texas Native St. Augustine (pre-order only), the prices are:

  • A full pallet (pre-order only) costs $230, and half a pallet costs $190.

If you opt for Palmetto St. Augustine (pre-order only), the prices are:

  • A full pallet costs $240, and half a pallet costs $200.

Tifway Bermuda

  • The costs are:
    • A full pallet in pre-order is $240, and the same-day price is $350.
    • Half a pallet is $175.
    • A piece (minimum order of 10) costs $2.50/ea.

Celebration Bermuda (pre-order only), the costs are:

  • A full pallet costs $240, and a half pallet costs $200.

Palisades Zoysia

  • You will pay as follows:
    • A full pallet in pre-order is $315, and the same-day price is $446.
    • Half a pallet is $223.

A piece (minimum order of 10) costs $3/ea.

Prices for Zeon Zoysia will be established soon.

The complete list of prices by sod varieties

View and compare the sample plots of the 8 varieties we grow and harvest on our farms year round! Feel free to walk on and feel the sample plots or see the incoming shipments of grass we have come in daily. You can also discuss your lawn needs with our staff and place an order for future delivery to your home.

VarietyFull Pallet Pre-Order Price
160 pieces
Full Pallet Same-Day Price
160 pieces
1/2 Pallet
80 pieces
(10 piece min.)
Raleigh St. Augustine*$220$350$175*$2.50*
Texas Native St. Augustine$230Pre-Order Only$190/
Palmetto St. Augustine $240Pre-Order Only$200/
Celebration Bermuda$240Pre-Order Only$200/
419 Tifway Bermuda*$240$350$175$2.50*
Palisades Zoysia*$315$446$223*$3*
Zeon ZoysiaComing Soon May 2024///
*Stocked Daily ~ While Supplies Last 1 pallet = 450 sqft., 1 piece = 2.67 sqft.
Order Pallets     Grasstimator

Order Information: Varieties by the full pallet that are not kept in stock can be ordered in advance online with the “Pick UP“ option selected at check out or by phone – 512-580-8162 and enter #2 to talk to someone about picking up grass.

Half pallets and pieces of certain varieties are stocked daily on a first come first serve basis unless reserved ahead of time. Pre-order by phone at 512-580-8162 and enter #2 to talk to someone about picking up grass. 10 Piece Minimum Order.

We want to emphasize that you can call The Grass Outlet anytime to inquire about current prices, as this will provide you with updated information on price movements.

What we recommend is that you always order sod from verified and respectable suppliers, where quality is unquestionable. Quality sod means an efficient investment and lower costs over the long term because the higher the quality, the easier and less costly the maintenance will be. Follow the instructions of experienced gardeners and experts, and The Grass Outlet is always available to assist during business hours.

* Stocked fresh daily – While daily supplies last. We suggest calling ahead!

**Prices are subject to change at any time. Please call our sales team to confirm current prices.

What Are the Additional Costs?

Sod Grass Delivery Costs

The delivery costs of sod are often calculated based on the distance from the supplier’s location to the delivery site. The further away you are and the more challenging and less accessible locations, the higher the delivery cost. In our case, there is an option to pick up your ordered sod from one of The Grass Outlet locations in South or North Austin. Otherwise, if you want us to deliver grass sod to your driveway, you will be charged for shipping. As our primary focus is to provide fresh sod, we only deliver sod in the more expansive Austin and San Antonio metro areas.

We provide:

  • Farm-to-home delivery service (sometimes within a few days, depending availibility).
  • We always harvest grass orders the day before your scheduled delivery to ensure fresh quality sod – A rarity in this industry.
  • Call ahead and schedule your delivery to ensure your landscaping projects progress without unnecessary delays.

Additionally, our farm-to-driveway delivery service provides extra convenience, making it easier to have high-quality grass delivered directly to your location, whether you’re a professional landscaper or a gardening enthusiast.

The amount of sod you order can also affect the delivery cost. Some suppliers may offer free delivery if you order a certain quantity of sod, while others may charge you a flat fee or a fee per pallet regardless of the amount.

Most companies will charge delivery costs ranging from $50 to $400.

How Much Is Sod Installation?

The cost of sod installation can vary significantly based on the area, type of grass, geographical location, and whether you do it yourself or hire professionals. If you’re laying the sod yourself, the primary expense is the purchase of the sod. 

You may need to invest in soil enhancers, such as landscape topsoil, low-nitrogen starter fertilizers, and rental equipment for tilling and leveling the land. Depending on the lawn’s size and the soil’s condition, these costs can add several hundred dollars to your project. 

Remember smaller tools and supplies that may be needed, such as lawn-cutting knives, garden hoses, and water sprinklers

Hiring a professional can significantly increase the price, but it also ensures the job is done correctly. Installation services can range from $1 to $2 per square foot, in addition to the cost of the sod. This typically includes work on soil preparation, laying the sod, and initial watering. 

Some companies offer comprehensive landscaping services that include soil testing, site preparation, sod installation, and even subsequent care. These packages can be more expensive, but they provide a comprehensive solution for those who do not wish to spend much time and effort.

Where can I buy sod near me?

Choosing The Grass Outlet brings numerous advantages that set it apart in landscaping and gardening. At the heart of the business is a firm commitment to quality and service, with grass care support even after we deliver your grass.

One of The Grass Outlet’s advantages is the flexible delivery options tailored to meet the dynamic needs of our customers. The variety of grass types offered by The Grass Outlet is ideal for the Texan climate and soil types, so you’ll easily find the grass variety that suits your region. Whether you’re looking for grass that can withstand the hot Texas sun or thrives in the shade or coastal areas, The Grass Outlet has a solution. 

This wide selection enables customized solutions that keep pace with the specificities of the soil on which you plan to form a lawn. The educated and friendly staff of The Grass Outlet is always ready to help, offering expert advice so you can make the best grass purchasing decisions. 

Whether you have questions about which type of grass is best for your soil type, how to care for your lawn, or the best time to plant, the team at The Grass Outlet is there to assist you every step.


There are many advantages to buying sod to form a healthy and aesthetically appealing lawn in your yard or garden. Unlike sowing grass seeds, which require you to wait some time for the grass to grow, installing sod gives you instant results. In front of you is a lush green lawn that can be ready for use in a much shorter period.

Keep in mind all the costs involved in purchasing, which relate not only to the price of the sod but also to delivery and the necessary equipment and amendments with which you will need to improve soil quality. You may also desire professional installation, which also costs more. 

The Grass Outlet provides you to pick up your sod in South and North Austin. Our delivery area covers the wider Austin and San Antonio region. Do not hesitate to explore The Grass Outlet website now, see what we offer, and feel free to contact us to make the best choice.