Our services don’t stop after purchase. At The Grass Outlet, we’re always gathering helpful resources for lawn upkeep and that includes managing lawn pests. In Texas, there’s a multitude of common lawn pests, but they’re each unique and have different methods of controlling infestations. Jump to the links below to learn more about specific pests and how you can control them.

Controlling Infestations

We’ve got tips to help you get rid of those pesky little pests:

Not all pests are bad news though. Our research suggests some bugs can help your lawn thrive.

Getting Rid of Organic Pests

There’s more to lawn damage than animal pests invading your lawn.

How can you identify lawn diseases?

Crabgrass, another nuisance, is another annoying weed that can take over thin or bare spots in your lawn. If not taken care of properly, it can disrupt the overall look of your lawn. If your grass tends to get crabby, check out our resources for getting rid of it:

Dandelions, to some, are also considered organic pests. Not happy with the dandelions growing on your lawn? Here’s how you can get rid of dandelions.

Another unlucky nuisance, clovers are a sign of an unhealthy lawn.

What about pesticides? Are they safe to use? We’ve got a great guide on environmentally-friendly pesticides.

As always, The Grass Outlet is here to help! For more information on pest control, reach out to us or your local gardening store.