Handling Sod Webworms in Texas

February 13, 2019 | Pests, posted by Sasha

For residents in Texas, including Houston, Dallas, and Austin, sod webworms can be a massive problem for your home’s yard. They are often responsible for turning massive portions of a yard into patches of dead grass. With such damage, your yard will have a brown and dry look that will be hard to remedy. Also, the damage is more severe during drought periods. While the damage can be massive and often hard to repair for homeowners, there are ways to prevent further potential damage to your yard.

Detecting Sod Webworms in Your Yard

If you’re suspicious that a small patch of brown and dead grass may be from infestation, do not hesitate to check. The sooner you investigate, the less maintenance work you’ll have to do. If you spot any small holes within the patch, look out for webworm larvae within them.

If you’re certain you’ve identified the larvae, mix two gallons of water with dishwashing detergent for dispersing. You need to dilute the mixture enough so that the detergent does not do any additional damage to your yard. By dispersing the mixture over the area, you will cause any irritated sod webworms to surface to the area. This will allow you to eliminate these pests easier.

Solutions to Sod Webworms During Texas Droughts

The best way to handle these pests is by taking proper care of your lawn. This means watering your yard and ensuring your grass gets the proper nutrients. If you are dealing with sod webworms, look for products that focus on preventative care. Such products focus on feeding and nurturing your yard during the drought while keeping bug infestations from occurring.

If an Infestation Has Already Happened…

You’re going to want to handle the problem as soon as possible. Using specific bacterium located deep within soil will be effective against these pests. The bacteria of focus is called Bacillus thuringiensis. It is a safe option for your lawn, children, and pets. You can disperse the bacterium in the form of a spray and use it as recommended in the spray’s label. Continue to use the spray until you see results. The next step should focus on preventing such issues from happening to your yard again.

Preventative Care Prevents Issues with Drought, Sod Webworms, and More

The best way to prevent such damage to your lawn is to always keep an eye on its health. By maintaining your lawn’s care and nutrition, you’ll spend less time and money fixing its issues in the long run. For tips on grass maintenance and other topics, take a look at our blogs here.

When the damage is already done, repairing your yard can take a lot of time with no guarantee of success. Repairing your lawn by adding new, higher-quality grass to the yard can work wonders and is simple to put in place. Need help finding the right type of grass for your yard? Contact us today and we’ll provide you with the best prices, choices, and experience here at The Grass Outlet.