Flea Infestations

June 12, 2013 | Pests, posted by Sasha

Fleas are unfortunately common in Texas. These tiny little pests have hind legs suited for jumping, and they attack both animals and humans. In some cases, they will live on an animal host, such as a pet, and use them as a way of spreading their populations to all of the corners of your home and yard. Flea bites typically appear on the lower legs, causing redness and itching. While most adult fleas will jump and try to live on animal hosts, flea larvae are commonly found in moist soil in the yard, on the bedding, or in the carpet.


Here are some preventative measures that can help restore your home from these creatures and help regain control of your lawn:

  • Vacuum around the house, especially where your pet rests. Immediately afterwards, throw out the vacuum bags to prevent vacuumed fleas from escaping back into your home.

  • You can also steam your carpets clean to remove the organic materials that serve as food for the fleas.

  • Identify the areas in your yard and lawn that are likely to be infested by fleas. They need an area with moisture and no direct sunlight. Dog houses and shaded corners are typically good bets. Keep your eye on these areas.

  • Make sure you are trimming and maintaining your grass and other plants in an orderly manner.

  • Remove leaves and other debris from the lawn.

  • Sweep patio decks and keep lawn furniture clean and litter free.

  • Remove any trash bins that may be attracting rodents or other animals that could be carrying fleas.

  • In severe cases, there are chemical treatments available on the market. Make sure you read the labels before applying them, though, as some are harmful to animals and pets.

  • A natural alternative would be to introduce beneficial nematodes, which are small roundworms, which act as natural predators to flea larvae and do not harm the environment.


Gardening and lawn care can be highly rewarding; don’t let a small setback discourage you. If you have any questions, please contact us, or if you are looking for a new start, visit our online store.