Controlling Rabbit Infestations

July 16, 2013 | Pests, posted by Sasha

The fuzzy, big-eared critters look cute in pictures and are popular at petting zoos, but when it comes to your lawn or garden, they’re not always a warmly welcomed sight. Known for their quick rate of reproduction, rabbits typically have two or three litters each year, each litter containing from five to six baby bunnies. They can be active at all hours of the day, though they tend to be more active at night. They leave piles of round pellets about ½” in diameter on the lawn; if you don’t see the rabbits themselves, this calling card, along with the damage they leave behind, is the biggest giveaway of their presence.


Rabbits eat almost all types of vegetation. They prefer younger vegetation, and can decimate newly planted vegetable, trees, berry crops, herbs, and ornamental plants. They have a very characteristic way of biting off their food with their strong teeth, leaving a recognizable 45 degree cut. Their droppings can also be toxic to grass, killing off the patch of grass surrounding the feces.


  • Exclusion: Install a fence around your property, garden, or simply around specific, younger plants that need protection. Wire and wooden fences are commonly used for the purpose. When installing the fence, make sure that the bottom of the fence is either buried into the ground or staked along the edges or else rabbits will dig under it. This is the most effective form of control.

  • Repellants: These are also relatively effective. Repellants typically come in a spray that gives off an unpleasant odor or taste that keep rabbits away. However, these typically cannot be used on or near anything that is going to be eaten by humans.

  • Cleaning up: Remove debris, brambles, brush, stones, etc. from your lawn and garden to reduce the amount of places that rabbits can hide. This will encourage them to seek shelter somewhere else.

  • Trapping: You can also use traps to cage and catch rabbits to remove yourself. While this can be effective, keep in mind that rabbits can sometimes carry diseases that are dangerous to humans and that contact with them can cause the handler to catch those diseases.

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