How to Get Rid of Crabgrass in the Summertime

June 4, 2020 | Lawn Care, posted by grassoutletppc

If you’ve owned property for long enough, you’ve likely had your negative experiences with the presence of crabgrass. Crabgrass is mostly long and smooth, and appears during summer and germinates during the late winter and early spring. However, this grass goes through the vegetative growth phase during summer, but will likely die out during fall. At The Grass Outlet, we understand the importance of eliminating these weeds and facilitating the growth of healthy grass on your lawn. If you suffer from the appearance of persistent crabgrass in the summertime, learn more about the reasons it can be so stubborn and the solutions you can implement to make it go away.

Crabgrass Growth in the Summertime

Most plants in your lawn or garden will come to life during summers. The main disadvantage is that unwanted weeds such as crabgrass also sprout during these warmer temperatures. As such, crabgrass in the summer is quite a menace because the grass spreads rapidly during the warm season, and produces thousands of seeds. During the cold season, the seeds of the weed dry up, and when the ground warms up again, the seeds will grow. To prevent the growth of this weed, you need to ensure that you destroy even these dormant seeds so that they do not germinate. People are often researching how to get rid of crabgrass in the summer, and there exist various methods. For more information on how to eradicate crabgrass on your property, contact The Grass Outlet today.

Controlling Crabgrass at Different Stages of Growth

Sometimes proper lawn maintenance does not do the work of preventing the occurrence of this type of grass. However, there are pre-emergent herbicides you can apply on your garden to kill the weed grass seeds before they germinate. You can contact lawn care professionals such as The Grass Outlet to help you get rid of these weeds in your lawn. A professional will be able to advise you on the best pre-emergent herbicide for your situation. You’ll need to follow several directions when applying this herbicide. For example, you will need to use the herbicide when you experience warmer winters, use it when you notice the shrubs blooming and trees budding, and apply it uniformly across your lawn.

Sometimes, you will see the crabgrass already germinating before you can address it. However, you do not need to worry because you can always go for the postemergent herbicide. This kind of herbicide helps to kill crabgrass that is already grown, and you should only apply it to visible crabgrass in the summertime. Always use the post-emergent herbicide on sunny and calm days, because rain can wash it away and render it ineffective. High temperatures in the summertime also allow the weeds to absorb the herbicide quickly. As an alternative to getting rid of crabgrass in the summer, you can always take several precautions to prevent future growth of these weeds.

Some of these precautions include mowing your lawn frequently at regular intervals. Crabgrass requires light to flourish; therefore, do not remove more than a third of the grass blades at any given time. When you remove more grass, sunlight will reach these weed seeds causing them to germinate. Also, ensure that you apply fertilizer to your lawn once every year.

Sod Grass Prevents Crabgrass

You can also prevent the growth of crabgrass in the summer by purchasing sod grass or grass pellets that are certified and weed-free. You can then transplant them on your lawn without the fear of infection by weeds. If crabgrass is a constant menace in your lawn during summer, contact The Grass Outlet today for solutions and products that address the root of your issue.