Controlling Mole Infestations

July 8, 2013 | Pests, posted by Sasha

mole peeping out of a hole

Moles are sneaky little critters that eat earthworms and other grubs under the ground. Their distinguishing feature, their large, paddle-like front claws, allow them to tunnel efficiently and extensively. They often find themselves in the lawns and yards of homeowners. Because they are carnivores, they typically do not damage plants or grasses; however, their tunnelling leaves unsightly mounds on the surface and can sometimes damage the roots of grasses and plants when the tunnels are closer to the surface.

Early Signs

  • The biggest giveaway that moles have infested your yard will be the mole hills, mounds of dirt a few inches high, left on your lawn. Moles are the only animals that leave mole hills, although they are not the only tunneling creatures.

  • You may see small paths of your grass dying and yellowing where the tunnels damage the roots near the surface.

  • Tunnels will also be visible if you look closely enough.


There are no effective chemical treatments of moles. There are a variety of traps and repellents on the market for countering mole infestations.

  • Repellents
    When using repellents, make sure to water the area you will be applying the repellant to first to ensure that the repellent permeates the surface and soil. Follow the instructions on the label closely. You may need to water the area after application as well. Reapplication may also be necessary

  • Trapping
    Trap during the spring and fall, when the moles are most active. Find active tunnels and place traps

  • Repelling Plants
    Moles don’t like these plants and their presence will encourage them to leave your lawn on their own: daffodils, squill, yellow crown imperials, and alliums. Although this may be less reliable than chemicals and traps, this is a much safer (especially around children) and more visually appealing, as most of these plants are rather pretty in their own right.

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