Controlling Armadillos

July 5, 2013 | Pests, posted by Sasha

The Texas state animal is a curious and cute creature with its ability to roll up into an impenetrable ball and the way it scuttles from place to place. However, home and land owners in suburban or agricultural areas have come to regard the armadillo as something of a pest.


Although the armadillo is not an herbivore and won’t eat your plants, its hunt for insects and grubs to eat commonly brings it to backyards and fields, where it can dig up quite a bit of land looking for bugs. The armadillo is equipped with strong front legs and tough claws designed to tear through termite mounds; they make easy work of the lawn and field, too.


  1. Don’t let them in.
    Placing a stout fence around your yard will prevent them from getting in at all. This is probably the simplest solution, but can be costly and perhaps aesthetically displeasing.
  2. Catch it.
    Armadillos are active late at night and early in the morning, so you would have to stay up late or get up early. Once spotted, you could chase after it and net it. Once captured, you can release it somewhere outside of your property. To decrease the chances of its return, release it somewhere that it would be happy and want to stay. Try to find a place near water with a decent amount of brush.
  3. Trap it.
    Live traps work well with armadillos. Use a trap cage with live bait; earthworms work best. Place the earthworms in a nylon sock so that their scent is still present but they won’t be able to escape. Make sure the cage is big enough; armadillos grow to be about the size of a large cat. Once caught, release it away from the property.


Armadillos aren’t always a bad thing in your yard. They tend to leave more established plants alone, and they do wonders for pest control in a much more environmentally friendly way than pesticides. Their digging also naturally aerates the soil.

Gardening and lawn care can be highly rewarding and satisfying; don’t let a small setback discourage you. If you’re looking for a new start, shop our online store or contact The Grass Outlet today to discuss your options.