Where Should I Buy Sod?

person laying final patch of sodIf you’re tired of looking at the dirt patches and brittle grass of your current lawn, then it’s time to consider purchasing sod. But where should you buy it from — a large retailer? Online?

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing where to purchase your sod.

Location, Location, Location
While there are hundreds of retailers across the U.S. selling sod in retail stores and online, you should start by looking in your own backyard — of Texas, that is. Buying local vastly increases the chances of your sod arriving in peak condition. Local growers understand the land and climate better and can offer more personalized assistance. Last but not least, it boosts the local economy by keeping money in the community.

Product Availability, Price & Quality
Avoid purchasing sod from retailers or nurseries that don’t “major” in sod, but sell a wide range of unrelated products instead. There are a few concerns here. First, retailers typically do not carry a wide range of grasses for you to choose from, so you might not get the best sod for your lawn or in the quantity you need. Second is price. Generally, retailers price their sod higher than sod farms, which sell directly to the customer. Third, quality might be an issue if you buy sod from a retailer. Retailers act as the “middle man” between the sod farm supplier and the customer, so there is less accountability for sod that is in poor condition.

Sod is a great way to get a healthy, lush lawn in a fraction of the time it takes for grass seed to grow. If you have any questions about the right sod for your lawn, don’t hesitate to contact us or take a look around our product page.


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