Benefits of Lawn Aeration

Keeping your lawn clean and green is something that can be done by investing time and resources to ensure proper maintenance. All of this effort pays off in the long run by providing you with a healthy lawn that makes … Continued

Fast Release vs. Slow Release Fertilizers

Fertilizer for lawns can vary in the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in it because some grass species are hungrier than others. Beyond this consideration, a homeowner also has to choose between fast-release and slow-release fertilizers. Determining which is best depends mainly on the following factors.

5 Organic Lawn Care FAQs and Answers

Each year, 67 million pounds of synthetic pesticides are used on lawns in the United States, and we spend more than $5 billion on fertilizers derived from fossil fuel each year. Many Americans have begun looking into organic lawn care solutions.

You Can Over-Water Your Lawn?

Lawn care has many layers when it comes to watering. How often you water the lawn is just as important as when you should water the lawn and how much you should water. Even when you over-water your lawn, this can affect healthy lawn growth. Over-watered grass is more susceptible to diseases and pests and your water bill can suffer from inefficient watering.

Everything You Need to Know About Thatch

Managing thatch in your lawn is a crucial step to achieving perfectly maintained grass. Learning about thatch, good amounts and bad amounts of thatch, and proper maintenance will keep your lawn beautiful and healthy. What is Thatch? Thatch is the … Continued

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Drought

If you have a beautiful, green lawn, drought is your worst enemy. Unfortunately, drought is becoming increasingly widespread throughout the U.S., and states like California have seen unprecedented dryness in recent years, which can make lawns crunchy, brown, and ugly. … Continued

Is My Grass Dormant or Dead?

Lawns look great when they’re healthy and well-maintained, but there are a variety of factors that could turn a lush green field into a barren yard. One common issue many homeowners face is the appearance of brown spots, which could … Continued

How to Prevent Dog Urine from Killing Your Grass

Why does dog urine kill grass? Dog urine from healthy animals is very high in nitrogen, which damages grass in high concentrations. Sure, you might see nitrogen on the ingredient list for your favorite fertilizer, but too much can cause … Continued