How Is Sod Harvested?

line maker on a football fieldEver wonder how the grass that grows on our fields gets to your door? Well the first step in the process is sod harvesting.

When you make an order for turf grass, we send out a harvesting team that cuts the grass and stacks it onto pallets. The actual cutting is done using a sod harvester, which attaches onto a tractor. The harvester has two blades. The first cuts at an angle into the ground to lift the sod out of the dirt. The second cuts straight up and down at intervals, separating grass slabs.

The cut grass travels up a conveyer belt where two operators stand on a platform and stack the grass slabs onto a pallet. An operator in front drives the tractor and keeps the harvester from drifting off course.

Once a pallet becomes full, it’s dropped onto the ground and a new one is carried over to replace it. The full pallet is picked up by a forklift which carries if off the field. Pallets are then loaded onto trucks which travel all over Texas bringing grass to families and business owners.

At The Grass Outlet, we pride ourselves on delivering freshly-cut turf grass directly from our farm to your family. Order online today and spruce up your home for the spring growing season.


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