How to Care for Your Lawn in Fall

When temperatures drop, it’s time to transition your yard into a state that will both survive and benefit from the winter months. After months of growth, a lawn needs oxygen, fertilizer, and a period of regeneration for the new cycle … Continued

How to Prevent Dog Urine from Killing Your Grass

Why does dog urine kill grass? Dog urine from healthy animals is very high in nitrogen, which damages grass in high concentrations. Sure, you might see nitrogen on the ingredient list for your favorite fertilizer, but too much can cause … Continued

How to Grow Grass Under Trees

Getting grass to grow underneath trees can be a challenge, because grass needs strong sunlight to grow. Trees provide shade that blocks the grass underneath from getting enough sun exposure. In addition, trees can drain the soil of nutrients and … Continued

Push Mowers vs. Riding Mowers

The question of push vs. riding mower is about which is the right tool for the job. Before you pick the best mower for your lawn, you need to understand the different types of mowers available and analyze your lawn. Push Mowers While … Continued

Lawn Striping: Getting a Tidy Looking Lawn

A striped lawn looks smart and attractive. It shows the effort you put into keeping your home well maintained and tidy. Lawn striping isn’t difficult when you know the correct technique, but you need the right tools to achieve a … Continued

How to Water Your Lawn During a Drought

How Can I Conserve Water on my Lawn? Perform a lawn check-up. Take some time to investigate your lawn and irrigation systems. It’s far too easy to waste water on a lawn that isn’t designed to conserve water. There are … Continued

6 Outdoor Summer Fun Classics That Could Be Harmful For Your Lawn

Summers are filled with laughter and time outside with the family. However, your grass will be put under more strain from some of the summer fun you and your family are having. Be sure to watch out for some of these summer classics and make sure your grass makes it to fall.

5 Urban myths about your lawn

You hear a lot about how to take care of your lawn, but what’s fact and what’s fiction? Some of the old wives’ tales can do more harm than good for your lawn. It’s important to know the facts before … Continued

How Tall Should You Mow Your Grass?

One of the most common questions in the lawn care and lawn mowing industry is “What length should I mow my grass?” While the answer to this question depends on many factors like type of grass, weather, region, and watering … Continued

Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Dogs eat grass because they like to eat grass. At least, that’s the primary reason. Dogs descend from a line of canines that are omnivores. Canines eat meat, but they also eat plants. Because of their omnivorous status, they might … Continued