The Best Time for Watering

November 20, 2013 | Grass, Lawn Care, posted by Sasha

sprinklers in the morning grass

As you probably know, the best time to water your grass is early in the morning, between the hours of 4 and 10 am. Why is the early morning the best time for watering, you ask? Early morning watering is best because of two main factors: wind and temperature.


Less sun in the mornings means lower temperatures. Lower temperatures mean less evaporation. Less evaporation means more water gets absorbed by soil. More absorption means healthier grass.


There is generally less wind in the early morning. You may be wondering how this affects your grass watering efforts? When there is less wind, water droplets are less likely to be blown away far from your thirsty grass.

The Worst Time for Watering?

The absolute worst time to water is in the middle of the day, when temperatures are at their peak and water evaporates too quickly. Therefore, many people have the misconception that watering in the evening is just as good as watering early in the morning. However, this is simply not true. Watering at night, while wind and temperatures are lower, does not provide the same benefits to your grass. Instead, watering in the evening gives wet blades of grass the entire night to develop lawn diseases and fungus. Stick to watering in the mornings, folks!

Sod Grass Experts

If you have any questions about how to effectively water your grass or how to maintain your grass’s longevity, do not hesitate to call the sod grass experts at The Grass Outlet. We would be happy to share our grass knowledge to get your lawn in tip-top shape. Feel free to visit our website or call us to learn more. We’d also be happy to give you a grass estimate. Call today!