Properly Installing Sod

August 28, 2013 | Gardening, Sod, posted by Sasha

caucasian person unrolling sod

So you’ve spent your time playing around with the sliders in our online shop and figured out the perfect type of turf for your needs. Then you used our sod calculator, i.e. Grasstimator to determine the right amount of sod to order and then sent it through to us.

Now, the next part is waiting for your fresh sod to arrive and then laying it down. Correctly preparing for and installing the sod will save you headaches in the future, lower your water requirements, and help more easily establish the grass into your environment.

Preparing Beforehand

There are a couple of things to be done in order to have the soil ready to accept the fresh sod once it arrives:

  • Remove weeds and unwanted vegetation.
  • Make sure the soil is sloping away from buildings to prevent drainage problems.

  • Till the soil to about 6 inches.

  • Remove rocks, leftover roots, and other vegetation from the soil.

  • Smooth out the soil.

Once it’s Delivered

It is important to start laying the soil immediately after it is delivered; do not delay or the sod may lose its freshness.

  • Water the soil until it is damp before laying the sod.

  • If the weather is especially hot, place the sod that has yet to be laid under shade to protect it while you’re working (if possible).

  • Start laying the sod along the longest, straight area that you can find.

  • The sod may be slightly stretched.

  • Avoid gaps between pieces of sod.

  • Don’t overlap the sod.

  • Use a sharp knife to trim the edges.

  • If you are sodding on a slope, place the pieces of sod perpendicular to the incline (not horizontal to it).

  • When all of the sod has been laid, roll the entire area to squeeze out air pockets.

It’s Alive!

Once you’ve laid down all your sod, it’s important to start caring for it immediately; it is, after all, alive.

  • Immediately water the lawn (during the summer, begin watering once you have 200 sq ft laid).

  • Proceed to water the grass daily (or even more frequently depending on the outdoor temperature, soil permeability, grass species, etc.) until the grass has rooted into the soil and established itself on your property.

  • Check to make sure your water is soaking 6 inches of soil beneath the sod pieces.

  • Start mowing once the grass has rooted in. Mowing too early will just pull the grasses out of the ground.

If you have any further questions about installing your sod, contact The Grass Outlet today.