10 Interesting Facts About Turf

September 4, 2013 | Grass, posted by Sasha


To some people, the topic of grass, sod or turf might sound quite boring. Turf is common; we see it all of the time—on lawns and sidewalks. It’s everywhere; what’s so special about it? Well, in our opinion at least, turf is actually very interesting, and it has so much to offer the world. People really do take the presence of grass for granted sometimes. But because we know what goes into growing this stuff and its significant role in the world, the environment and human society, we enjoy the pleasure of fully appreciating grass. Today, we wanted to share some interesting facts about it with you:

  1. There are about 46.5 million acres of turf across the United States of America

  2. Across the nation, it is estimated that homeowners, collectively, spend a total of $6.4 billion on lawn care related expenses.

  3. The roots of a single grass plant can have up to 390 miles of roots.

  4. Up to 90% of a grass plant’s weight can consist of roots.

  5. Grass very effectively prevents erosion because of its extensive root system.

  6. Eight average size lawns provide a cooling effect equal to 70 pounds of air conditioning.

  7. Sodded lawns absorb about 10 times more water than seeded lawns.

  8. The cycles and growth of grass and lawns can positively affect people’s moods. It has been shown that hospital patients with views into landscapes tend to recover more quickly than those without a grassy green view.

  9. 50 square feet of turf releases enough oxygen to support a family of four.

  10. Turfgrasses absorb carbon dioxide, ozone, hydrogen fluoride and perosyacetyle nitrate.

Now, could you imagine a world without grass?

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