Where to Plant Zoysia Grass

Avid golf fans may be quite familiar with Zoysia grass…and not even know it. Commonly found on some of the world’s most famous greens and fairways, this variety holds the ball high for easier impact. Yet Zoysia grass should not be confined to the links. Its densely thick and soft turf is perfect for residential lawns as well as commercial landscapes.

While it may thrive in some locations better than others, it complements every place it is planted. It comes with its own intrinsic advantages for yards and grounds.

Benefits of Zoysia Grass

Zoysia grass brings positive outcomes to any property. For one thing, its heat tolerance is high and it maintains an attractive green hue throughout droughts and heatwaves. Among other credits:

  • The thickness of Zoysia inhibits the growth of crabgrass.
  • It bears up well under close mowing height, e.g. ½ inches high.
  • Most soils accommodate this grass, with varied maintenance levels.
  • It needs less water than other cool-season turf-grasses.

Regions Where Zoysia Grass Thrives

Again, Zoysia grass can grow in areas where warm-season grasses are common. The geographic corridor running from Kansas to North Carolina, for example, is optimal because the grass’ dormant season is short. During dormancy, Zoysia’s brilliant green shade turns yellow and brown. This can be unsightly in colder climates unless snowfall is the rule.

Are Some Terrains Better Than Others?

This grass does best in open areas where it can receive between six to eight hours of sunlight but is rugged and can deal with shade. It adapts competently to most soil textures and — as golf courses demonstrate — it is no stranger to slopes and inclines.

The Best Time to Plant Zoysia Grass Seed

A healthy bed free of weeds is the best host for new grass. One square foot of sod can yield as many as 500 sprigs, attesting to Zoysia’s density. Planting Zoysia grass is optimal between mid-May to mid-June if establishing Zoysia grass seed.

Planting plugs and sprigs are done earlier. Sprigs are the blades that emerge from the ground whereas plugs are small pieces of sod, either round or square.

Establishing sod itself is achievable as late as September, perhaps later in warmer regions. Professional technicians from The Grass Outlet have comprehensive knowledge with regard to timing.

To assure ideal establishment conditions, perform a soil test to determine if lime or fertilizer will help enrich the host area. Organic soil amendments like peat moss can also help. Sodding and seed are often used with bare soil while sprigging and plugging are utilized to convert an existing lawn to Zoysia grass.

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