What Type of Grass Do I Have?

October 29, 2019 | Grass, posted by Sasha

There are hundreds of various types of grass for you to consider. It is essential to know which type of grass you have because there may be a specific way you have to care for your lawn. At The Grass Outlet, we will help you answer the question, ‘what type of grass do I have?’.

Warm-Season Grasses

Warm-season grasses are most commonly found in southern regions throughout the United States. Here are a few of the most common warm-season grasses grown in Texas:

Bermuda Grass

This type of grass is one of the most popular types in the Southeast. A few of the advantages of Bermuda grass include the fact that it’s durable and easy to grow. If you decide to lay Bermuda grass in your yard, be sure to cut your grass consistently. A few of the common characteristics of Bermuda grass include its rapid growth rate and the fact that it needs high light conditions. It is also very tolerant of very low mow-heights.


  • Dark green to deep blue-green coloring
  • Flat, sharp-pointed leaf tips
  • Hairs on both sides of leaf surface
  • Leaf-blades grow off the stem at a 45° angle
  • Goes dormant quicker than other varieties 
  • Dormancy color is whitish-grey
  • Very thick and dense turf
  • Tolerates intense heat and drought
  • Will not grow in shaded areas *Celebration may sparsely grow in some very light shade
  • Tifway 419 Bermuda’s blade width is approximately 5-7 mm
  • Celebration Bermuda grass’s blade width averages 1.7 mm 
  • Look for a coarse texture and for its roots to resemble a bird’s foot
  • Most common grass used by builders and golf courses

Zoysia Grass

Exponentially growing in popularity, Zoysiagrass is one of Texas’ most beautiful – but expensive – grass types. Though it grows slower than St Augustine, it produces an excellent dense turf and is exceptionally shade tolerant. A few of the advantages of this grass include the fact that it is resistant to many diseases and requires less maintenance than other warm-season grasses.


  • Medium to dark green coloring
  • Flat, sharp-pointed leaf tips
  • Hairy only on the top of the leaf blades
  • Leaf-blades grow off the stem at an 80° angle
  • Goes dormant much slower than other varieties 
  • Dormancy coloring is golden-brown
  • Smooth to the touch when you run your fingers across the blade’s surface
  • Zeon Zoysia grass is extraordinarily dense & a soft, fine-bladed texture
  • Palisades if very dense & a soft, medium-coarse texture
  • Uniquely, Zoysia has no auricle or sheath
  • Will grow in shaded areas
  • Texture is fine to medium-coarse – Depending on the type of Zoysia
  • Palisades Zoysia‘s blade width is 5-7 mm
  • Zeon Zoysia’s blade width is 3-4 mm 

St. Augustine Grass

In Texas, St. Augustine is a popular grass cultivar. It is also one of the fastest-growing. Besides Zoysia types, it is the most shade tolerant, as well. It does well in warm, humid climates; however, it does need more water during Texas’ hottest months. Further, St. Ausgutine varieties require a lot of maintenance. Finally, you run the risk of thatch buildup if you do not mow it often enough.


  • Medium to dark green coloring
  • Rounded or boat-shaped leaf tips
  • Smooth on both surfaces
  • V-shaped blades in cross-section
  • Medium-density & coarse-bladed texture
  • Spreads by stolons/runners above & below ground
  • Rapid establishment & deep rooting potential
  • Goes dormant in hot, dry weather & extreme, cold temperatures
  • Will grow in shaded areas
  • Susceptible to foot-traffic stress
  • Raleigh St. Augustine & Texas Native grass’s blade width is approx. 9-10 mm & is a dark green color
  • Palmetto St. Augustine’s blade width is approx. 8-9 mm & is a meduim green color

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