Kid Proof Your Lawn

November 6, 2015 | Grass, posted by Sasha

The children lay on the moisture-proof pad out in the yard

Children have a knack for getting into trouble no matter what kind of parents they have. The world is a minefield of dangers that children can get caught in, from table corners to loose change and more. Even a lawn can be a dangerous place. Take some precautions to prevent anything terrible from happening to your little ones.

Debris sweep

The backyard holds a lot of sticks, stones, and other loose debris. Any one of these could cause injuries to your kids. A bit of vigilance in your yard can keep scrapes and other injuries to a minimum.

Look for any openings in your lawn

Moles, ants, and other vermin pests can dig up a yard. If your child steps in one of these holes, it could cause them to fall or worse. Make sure to get rid of the holes properly. Flush out the space using an exterminator or animal removal service, and then fill them.

Fill in any divots

While you might not be able to see it, your yard can come with secret divots that can hurt your kids. Make sure your lawn is entirely level to prevent harm.

Sweep for insects

Wasps, bees, ants, spiders, hornets, and more can wound your kids in the backyard or garden. Look around and use an off-the-shelf insect spray or professional exterminator to deal with any dangerous or dense areas outside.

Get rid of poisonous/non-edible plants

If you have a young child outside, they could be prone to put things in their mouth. Prevent poisonings by removing toxic plants. Also, remove any sharp or thorny plants in case your kids get adventurous.

Install secure locks on gates

Kids love to explore lawns. They’ll look behind anything, including the fences that you put up. Make sure your kids don’t get any ideas by getting a good lock on your gate. Also, make the lock more difficult to open by using a key, combination lock, or other child safety feature.

Put away any tools you keep outside

If you keep a hose, shovel, or rake outside, your kids could pick one up and start playing with it. The rugged, sharp materials could cause a lot of injuries. Keep your outside tools locked safely in a shed or other out-of-the-way location.

Lock down any playground equipment

Do you have a playground outside? Is it nailed down? Your kid can build up speed on playgrounds. Something like a swing can rock the playset back and forth. Make sure the swingset is locked down using stakes or heavy-duty nails. That way, the playground does not tip over when your kids are playing.

Create options for plenty of shade

Hot summer days can drain your kids of energy and put them at greater risk of heat-related problems. Cut that possibility by putting up patio covers or umbrellas. If possible, put play areas close to trees without branches to keep kids out of the sun. That keeps them cool and safe.

Have water ready to drink

When kids run around outside, they can get thirsty fast. Kids don’t always know that they’re thirsty, though. Keep water or a drink high in electrolytes ready so that your kids can get re-hydrated and get back to playing again fast.

Add pool and gate alarms

Adventurous kids will get out of your eyesight no matter how close you monitor them. As a failsafe, put alarms on your gate and pool. If a kid exits the gate, the alarm will notify you of its opening. Also, pool alarms can sense if someone entered the water without your knowledge.

Cut grass to 1-3 inches

Tall grass can invite in a lot of insects and vermin. Keeping it short and manicured decreases the chances of creepy crawly things getting on your kids. Keeping your grass manicured also renders a denser, carpet-like lawn. If your kid falls, they’ll be on something soft and safe.

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