Dog Damage

December 20, 2013 | Grass, Pests, posted by Sasha

Have patchy brown spots in your lawn? If you don’t have a grub problem or lawn disease, then the culprit could be something you would have never expected, your canine friend. Dog urine actually has many good nutrients that are beneficial grass, but in a much too concentrated form. The excess nutrients often shock, burn, and kill patches of grass.

What Does Dog Damage Look Like?

Dog damage happens when high levels of nitrogen in dog urine burns and ultimately kills patches of grass. It can be identified by a brown circular patch of grass surrounded by a dark green, healthy circle of grass. This healthy ring around the burned patch occurs because the soil in this area received much less urine, and therefore less nutrients–a perfect amount that actually acted as beneficial fertilizer.

How Can It Be Prevented?

The best way to prevent dog damage is to dilute the urine by pouring water directly over the spot where the dog urinates, but this may be a little too much work for most people. Instead, you could train your pooch to do business in one area of your lawn you are willing to sacrifice covered in mulch or pebbles.

How Can It Be Treated?

Once you have addressed the problem and figured out a way to prevent it, you will need to patch with either sod or seed. However, replacing pet damage with grass sod is the best and easiest route to take.

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