5 Benefits of Having a Green Roof

December 19, 2013 | Gardening, Grass, posted by Sasha


Green roofs, roofs that house growing grasses and other shrubbery, are showing up all across the country–they are a great way to help the environment and give your home a unique look. Green roofs have been around for centuries in Scandinavia, and for good reason. Here are the five greatest benefits to installing a green roof on your home.

1. Flash Flood Mitigation

When flash floods occur in Texas, they can cause a large amount of damage and destruction, and this can be very devastating. Green roofs actually mitigate flood levels during flash floods. By absorbing a large amount of rainfall, there is less runoff, and therefore, less water on the ground.

2. Cools Building

Green roofs not only absorb rain water, but they absorb the rays of the sun as well. This is great for homeowners in Texas, and especially on their wallets. For instance, a Houston company saw their energy bills reduce by 50% once a green roof was installed on their office building.

3. Reduces Heat Island Effect

The Heat Island Effect, is when large amounts of concrete and metal buildings cause temperatures to rise in urban areas. If urban buildings switch to green roofs, this would be greatly reduced.

4. City Incentives

Some cities, such as Austin, offer incentives to homeowners and businesses with green roofs. Green roofs have so many public benefits to cities that citizens are urged to install them.

5. Extends Roof Life

A properly installed green roof should extend the life of your roof. By cutting the wear and tear a normal roof experiences from weather and natural elements. Hail storm? No problem. The garden oasis on your roof will protect your home from hail damage.

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