Common Lawn Care Mistakes

Maintaining your lawn doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, proper lawn care is easy to do with the right set of tools and knowledge. In order to properly take care of your lawn, here are some of the most … Continued

How to Mow Wet Grass

If you want a great lawn, you have to take care of your yard all year around. This means that you may have to provide some essential lawn care in less than ideal situations, such as when your grass is … Continued

How To Get Rid Of Crabgrass In Texas

As spring and summer come to Texas, many homeowners and landowners might be surprised to see crabgrass in their otherwise perfect yard. This type of weed is most often found during the warmer season and while it doesn’t cause harm … Continued

Can I Water My Grass Too Much?

Watering your grass on a regular basis is important. You’ve likely already heard this sentence mentioned several times, especially in Texas where the intense heat and long summers can dry out lawns in days. But, is it possible to water … Continued

Is Your Lawn Turning Brown?

When something begins to ruin your beautiful lawn it can be quite frustrating. All the time that is spent to water, mow, and keep our lawns looking great feels wasted if our grass doesn’t remain green. Every person takes care … Continued

Benefits of Lawn Aeration

Keeping your lawn clean and green is something that can be done by investing time and resources to ensure proper maintenance. All of this effort pays off in the long run by providing you with a healthy lawn that makes … Continued

Fast Release vs. Slow Release Fertilizers

Fertilizer for lawns can vary in the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in it because some grass species are hungrier than others. Beyond this consideration, a homeowner also has to choose between fast-release and slow-release fertilizers. Determining which is best depends mainly on the following factors.

5 Organic Lawn Care FAQs and Answers

Each year, 67 million pounds of synthetic pesticides are used on lawns in the United States, and we spend more than $5 billion on fertilizers derived from fossil fuel each year. Many Americans have begun looking into organic lawn care solutions.