Benefits of Sod

July 10, 2013 | Grass, Sod, posted by Sasha

Sodding is a highly favored way to cover a space of land, but it’s not the only way. Alternatives include seeding grass, artificial turf, or alternative ground covers. So why do we think that sod is undoubtedly the best choice? Here are just a few hints:

  • It’s fast. We have already spent a year+ growing the grass, so when it gets into your hands, it’s already fully mature. With sod, your lawn can be ready for use in as little as three weeks. On the other hand, seeds can take two weeks just to germinate, much less grow into a complete, dense lawn. Seeds also need a significant investment of time and effort to nurture the vegetation to health and maturity. Lastly, the success rate is measly because seeds are eaten or carried off by wild animals, birds, clothing/shoes, wind, and water runoff.
  • It is cost-efficient. Although seeding can initially hold a lower price tag, sod is ultimately more cost-efficient. Compared to sod, seeding requires much more care and resources, including water, reseeding, erosion control, etc. Over time, these costs build up to be much more maintenance expensive than sod. Further, most people that attempt to seed their property will end up purchasing live sod when the seeding fails, ultimately shelling out more cash to complete the project than needed.
  • It’s just more efficient overall. Cost aside, sod is simply easier to plant & maintain. Sod requires much less watering since it’s already grown, and it automatically controls erosion as soon as it’s installed. Newly seeded grass needs excess water, and erosion is commonly a problem until the grass roots are established and mature.
  • Sod can be installed any time of the year when the ground isn’t frozen. We manage the growing schedule of the seasons and seasonal maintenance so that when your new grass arrives, it’s already ready to be put in place. You must ensure you plant during the proper temperatures, or the seeds will not germinate when seeding your lawn.

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