Questions to Ask Before Buying Sod

May 21, 2013 | Gardening, Grass, posted by Sasha

lawn by a building

Many business owners, homeowners, and landscaping companies prefer using sod over grass seed when resurfacing a lawn. It’s no wonder why – You can install sod practically any time of the year and get beautiful results almost instantly.
The Grass Outlet grows and sells eight great sod varieties uniquely suited for Texas lawns. But before you purchase pallets of grass that look good to you, take some time to ask yourself the following questions. The answers will help you choose a variety that will best serve your lawn goals & maintenance expectations.

  1. How much light does my lawn get? Take a few days to observe how much sunlight the space gets on an average day. Sunlight is essential for any grass, but some varieties are more shade resistant than others. Ask yourself if your yard gets full sun, dappled sun, or shade
  2. What kind of turf will work best with the seasonal changes in my area? Texas is one state with many climates. Another critical thing to consider when choosing a grass variety is how cold your winters get. Some types won’t withstand extreme cold. As far as rainfall goes, pretty much everyone in the state can benefit from a drought-tolerant variety (and thankfully, we carry a good number of them!)
  3. How much foot traffic will there be on this grass? Different varieties hold up better against heavy wear and tear, so ask yourself what you will use the space for: parties and picnics, practicing soccer or football, your children’s play area, or putting green? The answer to this question will help you narrow your choices.

Once you have your answers, contact us or call us, and we will help you settle on the right sod to purchase. Our online store also features a nifty slider tool that filters varieties by your desired mowing frequency, fall color retention, and other qualities. Give it a try!