Mowing the Lawn..with Goats

April 3, 2013 | Grass, Lawn Care, posted by Sasha

goat happily eating grass

Major airports in Atlanta, San Francisco and Chicago are doing it, as is Google’s headquarters. But the big question is if your yard is ready for it.

We’re talking of course about the “goatscaping” trend, or using goats as natural lawn mowers. Fans of the four-legged maintenance workers say they are great for taming weeds and taking down dense brushes and thicket, all while being cost effective and friendly to the environment. Goats can get to places mowers can’t, fans say, and they reduce noise pollution.

But are goats really a viable answer to your overgrown lawn?
Overwhelmingly, the facts point to “no”.

While they might successfully tame large tracts of uncleared land, goats are not natural lawn mowers. They are considered “browsers” instead of “grazers”, so they prefer the tender tops of plants to munching on grass blades. They are similar to deer in this regard. (It’s not just the taste they’re after, either. Goats are highly susceptible to parasites–parasites often found in eggs on the ground.) The bottom line is, goats will not leave your lawn looking trim and uniform. They might take a chunk out of your rose bush or cedar tree, though.

If you do have the type of property that can support one or more farm animals, grazers like cows, sheep and llamas are better bets for a trim (but not manicured) lawn.

For the most efficient and best-looking cut, you can’t beat a traditional lawn mower. Find mowing tips in our maintenance section.

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