How to Identify the Grass in Your Lawn

adventurer sleuthing in the grassCompared to other states, Texas is doing pretty well on the housing market front: people are buying and selling their houses like it’s going out of style. Perhaps you are one of the many Texans who has moved to a new home recently. If so, you might be wondering what type of grass is in your yard.

There are dozens of grass varieties out there, but don’t let that discourage you. In today’s post we’ll share some steps to help you identify what’s growing.

1. Identify your climate — By knowing what climate you’re in, you can eliminate certain varieties.Grasses are considered either “cool season” or “warm season” grasses based on how they perform in the climate they’re in. If you live in Texas, you’re almost definitely looking at a warm season grass variety like St. Augustine or Bermuda.

2. Make observations — Get out on your lawn and take a few close-up pictures of the grass blades. Write down what you observe about the color, shape, texture and height of any grass varieties you see. Is the blade light green or dark green? Skinny or wide? Shiny or dull? Tall or short? Use your notes to cross-check with a resource like The Lawn Bible (a book that discusses different climate zones and grasses in detail) or the excellent Scotts Miracle-Gro grass identifier application.

3. Call in the experts — If your lawn is still a mystery, try calling a local lawn maintenance company or college agricultural department to help you identify a certain grass variety. You could probably even text over a close-up photo and get the feedback you need.

Once you’ve identified the grass that’s in (or struggling to be in) your yard, it’s time to ask yourself if you’re happy with it. It’s possible your yard would be better suited to a different grass variety. The good news is, you can get a brand new lawn quick when you lay sod. At The Grass Outlet, we provide Texans with turfgrass that’s perfectly suited to our warm, humid climate. Shop our online store or give us a call today.


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