How Much Does a Pallet of Sod Weigh

Sod, or turf, is what we use to grow grass and start our gardens, giving that fresh, natural, and well kept feel. If you need to create, or improve, a garden then sod will usually be the first place to start. Bringing it into your garden can take a lot of work. And transportation can be one of the biggest difficulties.

Generally sod is sold and transported in pallets, for easy storage. Whenever you are transporting it is vital to understand the pallet of sod weight. Only then can you be sure that your vehicle will be able to handle transportation without damage. That way you will also know if you will need to use a more heavy duty truck.

So before buying sod for landscaping or gardening, you need to check the specific type you are getting. You also need to know how much does a pallet of sod weigh. This can depend on a few factors, and you need to consider each of them.

What Affects a Pallet of Sod’s Weight?

The pallet’s weight will depend on both the type of sod itself, but also the pallet. These can vary depending on how they are made. Pallets will pretty much always be made of wood, but the type of wood and the size of the pallet will change how much it weighs.

Full pallets for sod tend to come in two sizes: one that can hold 450 square feet of sod, or one that can hold 500 square feet. If you get a pallet that can hold 500 square storage, regardless of how much you purchase, then the pallet will be significantly heavier. On top of this, the sod itself can vary. This turf will be used to put down grass, but how much soil is added underneath the grass depends on the manufacturer.

Having more soil will mean the grass will grow better and most likely be healthier before and after you put it down. It will also mean that it will be heavier, which could affect transportation. The weight of the sod will also depend on whether it is wet or dry. Moisture content of the soil will add weight onto the sod, and so if it is still wet then it will weigh more.

What Will the Final Weight Be?

The weight of any one pallet of sod will depend on the manufacturer. So it is always a good idea to check with them before you arrange transportation. Generally one pallet’s weight can start from 2,000 pounds. There are plenty of varieties of sod that will be substantially heavier though.

That being said, the most you will find a pallet of sod weighing will be 3,000 pounds. Checking with the professionals at The Grass Outlet will help you understand what you need. As long as you have a vehicle that can transport up to 3,000 pounds then you can assume you will be able to transport any pallet of sod.

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