Lawn Mowing Tips

pencil drawing of a push mowerMowing the lawn is one of the most basic aspects of lawn care. It’s also one of the most essential. Maintained mowing keeps the grass healthy and encourages a deeper root system, which allows for better absorption of nutrients and water. Here are some good tips for mowing your lawn more efficiently and effectively:

  • Mow frequently. It’s unhealthy to cut off too much of the grass at once. It makes the grass more vulnerable to disease. You shouldn’t ever be cutting off more than ⅓ of the grass blade in each mowing.

  • Keep a consistent schedule.

  • Different types of grasses need to be cut at different heights. Look up or ask a professional about the ideal height for your specific grass type.

  • During the summer, raise the lawn mower blade by ½ an inch (so that the grass will be slightly taller for the season). This makes it more tolerant of stress. It shades the soil better and prevents weeds from growing. As summer ends, lower the height again; it’s best to do this gradually rather than at once.

  • Leave the grass clippings on your yard. They will naturally decompose and return nutrients into the soil.

  • Go over each part of the lawn only once; don’t overlap pathways.

  • Change directions each time you mow to ensure an even surface.

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