When Is The Best Time To Plant Grass in Austin, TX?

June 13, 2022 | Blog, Grass

For those that are looking to re-sod or plant their Austin, TX lawn, It can be tough to decide on the best time to plant the new grass. There are a few important factors to consider when planting new grass in the Austin, TX area. In this post from the Grass Outlet blog, we’ll go over the best time to plant grass seed in Austin, TX, and the nearby areas.

Considerations Regarding The Type Of Grass 

Depending on the type of grass you’ve selected for your lawn, some planting times are better than others. Some types of grass, like popular Bermudagrass, grow best in the warmer months like late spring and early summer when planted directly from seed. On the other hand, when planted as sod, Bermudagrass can grow just about any time from early spring to the middle of fall. Given this information, it is possible to grow grass types of any kind at any time of year, but there are perks and drawbacks to planting specific grasses at specific times of the year. 

Most homeowners are unaware that it’s much more difficult to establish a lawn from seed as opposed to planted as sod, as it’s common for up to 50% of seed to be washed away from a single rain shower. This is one of the major advantages of sod – it can be planted just about whenever you’d like, especially in warmer regions like Austin, TX. 

Another thing to consider regarding sod versus seed is that many of the varieties offered by The Grass Outlet are not available as seeds. Many of our grass varieties are what’s known as hybrid sod varieties, which can only be grown and planted as sod. 

Austin Sod: Plant A New Lawn Year-Round 

There are other areas of the country where sod cannot be planted year-round, but this is not the case in Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas. Some sod installation professionals may disagree, but realistically, most types of sod that are appropriate for the Austin area can be planted at any time. It’s common for Austin to experience a much milder winter than other areas in the country, meaning that it can even be planted in the winter months. Sod that is installed in the winter will lay dormant and start to turn yellow, but if installed properly, it will flourish and become that beautiful sought-after green color once spring has sprung. 

Resodding In The Summer

On the other hand, resodding in the summer requires additional considerations, as it takes much more water than other times of the year for the grass to be properly cared for. Higher temperatures in the summer result in evaporation occurring faster. But, if properly watered, sod tends to establish even quicker in the summer months due to the plentifully available sunlight. Sod that is planted in the summer only takes a couple of weeks to be established when properly watered and cared for. 

So When Is the Best Time To Plant Grass in Austin?

Depending on who you ask, the answer to “when is the best time to plant grass in Austin” will differ. At The Grass Outlet, we recommend mid-spring to early summer for the majority of our grass-type offerings. Before you make your purchase, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to know regarding the type of grass you’ve selected. Whether it’s the best time of year to plant the grass, or how much maintenance is required, we’ll guide you through your options. 

Choose The Grass Outlet for Grass Sod In Austin, TX

The Grass Outlet is proud to be the top provider of grass sod in Austin, TX, and the nearby areas. Our top-quality grass is meant to be enjoyed by friends and family of our customers. Don’t worry about damaging your lawn by simply spending time on it when you get your grass from The Grass Outlet. To learn more, give us a call or contact us online today.