Yellow Grass: Dog Urine Nitrogen Burn

February 17, 2021 | Concern Solutions, Days 1-3, Days 4-14, posted by Milena

Dog Urine Nitrogen Burn

Nitrogen is what breaks down proteins in a dog’s body. Once these proteins are broken down, the nitrogen waste is then excreted from the dog’s body through urination. Although there are many myths and home remedies on the internet, most of these are false and ineffective. Some can even be harmful to your fur baby. You should always consult a veterinarian before adding supplements or altering your pet’s diet.

Texas A&M has some great information in their article “Dog-On-It Lawn Problems,” that they gathered from a scientific study conducted by Dr. Steve Thompson, DVM & Purdue University. Please read this article for more information, tips on prevention, and repair techniques. Additionally, Sod Solutions has some tips and products that may help you with this issue.


  • High Protein Diet
  • Young & Female Dogs Squat to Pee (more concentrated application)
  • Inferior Quality Proteins in Diet
  • Larger Dogs Excrete More Urine than Smaller Breeds


  • Add More Water to Dog’s Diet
  • Moist Dog Foods
  • Consult Veterinarian about Dog’s Diet
  • Designated Puppy Potty Area
  • Dilute Urine with Water