How Does Winter Lawn Care Work in Texas?

December 19, 2014 | Blog, Grass, Lawn Care

automatic sprinkler watering grass

For people in northerly states, winter might be the time when they simply forget there’s a lawn underneath that thick layer of snow. Winter lawn care may be relatively non-existent for them. Here in Texas where the temperatures cool off but we don’t get much snow, you may be wondering how much work you need to put into your lawn in winter. Well, the truth is that while you don’t need to devote every waking moment to your grass, you still may want to pay it some attention if you want it to be green and healthy next spring!

Texas Winter Lawn Care Tips

Winter Watering

Since we rarely get snow here in Texas, you should still water your lawn in the winter, especially if it’s been several weeks without rain. Your grass will need about 1 or 2 inches of water per week, including rainfall. If you’re unsure if your grass needs water, take note on whether it looks dry, droopy, or if you leave footprints when you walk across it. Grass experts agree that watering first thing in the morning is best because there is less evaporation and the water has a better chance of drying before night time, reducing instances of lawn disease.

Dispelling the Winter Sod Grass Myth

Unbeknownst to some, you actually can lay sod grass in the winter! While the ideal time of year for sodding is between early spring and early fall, we understand that many homeowners with bare spots in their grass want to have their lawn ready for spring time. The good news is, grass can be installed and will root in winter. The only concern grass installers may have is ensuring there isn’t a big freeze during the first 2 weeks of sod establishment.

Leaf Removal

You might see some neighbors bagging leaves or throwing them into a compost heap this season. This is because when leaves fall on your lawn, they block out the sun, which can kill your grass. If your yard is covered in dead leaves, it is advisable to remove as many of them as you can so that you don’t wake up to a brown lawn come spring. However, if your lawn only has a few sparse leaves laying on it, there’s no need to meticulously pick up each one. A few leaves here and there won’t cause a huge problem.

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