Choosing The Best Sod Grass For Your Texas Home

January 19, 2022 | Grass, posted by Dejan

When deciding the best kind of grass for your home, there are a few considerations you should make. Depending on the type of grass you choose, it will thrive, or do poorly, largely depending on the climate and weather conditions in your area. In Texas, the best type of grass for homes is generally what’s known as “warm season” grass. Warm-season grass tends to do better in areas of the country that are generally warm, like Texas. The kind of warm-season grass you choose for your Texas home comes down to looks, maintenance capabilities, and weed resistance. Learn more about what is the best grass for your Texas home in this blog post from The Grass Outlet. 


Since the best grass for Texas is warm weather grass, you should pick the warm weather grass that is best suited for you and your home. Different types of warm-season grass require different kinds of maintenance, care, and fertilization. 


In Texas, many homeowners enjoy Zoysia as their grass option of choice. Zoysia is known for growing well in a variety of different soil types and weather conditions. There are different kinds of Zoysia: Zeon Zoysia grass, and Palisades Zoysia. Both of these types of grass are perfect for the hot kinds of weather, and semi-common drought that Texans are used to. Zoysia is also known to be resistant to weeds and doesn’t require frequent mowing, meaning it requires very little maintenance overall


St. Augustine grass is an excellent choice for homes that have a lot of shade surrounding them. Homes with a lot of shade, like those covered by mature trees, is where St. Augustine grass performs best. While St. Augustine grass prefers shade, it works well in just about any warm-weather environment. But, unlike Zoysia, St. Augustine does require some degree of specific maintenance. Due to the way that St. Augustine grass grows, it requires dethatching once a year, as well as proper fertilization, to ensure even growth throughout the year. This maintenance is often worth it for homeowners, though, and the appearance and feel of St. Augustine grass are just that good. 


Bermuda grass is potentially the most popular choice of grass for Texas homeowners overall. This is due to the fact that warm weather Bermuda grass works great in just about any climate that the state of Texas has to offer. There are a number of kinds of Bermuda grass, but they’re all known for being drought tolerant, and a generally low natural height. This means that Bermuda grass requires moderate mowing as compared to other kinds of grass. But, Bermuda does not work well in areas that are generally shady. Bermuda grass wants to live in direct sunlight as much as possible. 


At The Grass Outlet, we offer many different kinds of warm-season grass that can improve the landscaping of many homes in the state of Texas. Our team will be happy to help you find the best grass for your home based on its conditions, like shade levels and average soil temperatures. To learn more about our grass or to visit one of our farms, contact us online or give us a call.