What to Do with Your Autumn Leaves

October 30, 2013 | Lawn Care, posted by Steve

Fall is such a great season because the air gets a bit cooler and the leaves start to turn that beautiful rustic brown and red color. However, I know that not everybody is a fan of the mountain of leaves that starts to gather on top of their lawn. If you have an over-abundance of leaves in your lawn and don’t want to throw them away, there are a couple of options you can choose to use those leaves for your benefit.


Organic compost is easy to make and you can use items that you already have. Use a mixture of dried leaves, garden clippings, leftover fruits and vegetables, and some soil to make organic compost that you can add to your garden which gives your soil more oxygen.


leaves raked up

If composting is too much work for you, and you don’t want to leave your grass smothered by large leaves, you can turn them into mulch. Start by raking some of the leaves off your lawn or spreading them around evenly. Then use a mulch mower that shreds down the leaves and turns them into organic matter that is good for your lawn.


  • If you are going to compost make sure you put the leaves and other ingredients in a bin which may take up to a year to decompose.
  • Whether you decide to mulch or compost your leaves, make sure to get them off any hard surfaces like your driveway or sidewalk which could cause others to slip and fall.

Make sure to take care of your lawn this fall and contact The Grass Outlet with any questions you have. We’d love to hear from you!