Tips to Improve Your Lawn

November 6, 2013 | Lawn Care, posted by Steve

Having a great lawn is ideal, but sometimes life gets in the way and prevents you from maintaining your yard correctly. Sometimes you have to be reminded to water your grass, or you may forget to mow your lawn every week like you’re supposed to. However, instead of being dissatisfied with the state of your property, take some simple steps to improve it. 

If you’ve noticed that your lawn is looking tired or maybe in need of some general improvement, here are a couple of tips to help get your yard back in tip-top shape.

Lawn Improvement Tips

  • Generally, you don’t have to mow every other day to keep your lawn looking maintained. Set the blade on your mower high and cut once a week. This way, your grass won’t be shorter than three inches, and the roots will be able to grow deeper, creating a healthier lawn for the future.
    Be advised that Bermuda lawns should never get taller than 2 inches, max! Keeping a Bermuda grass lawn too tall will result in sparse, brown, and prickly grass, particularly after mowing the denser, green blades off the top.

  • If you want to keep your lawn hydrated but worry about wasting water, water less frequently for a longer duration. Water early in the morning until the soil is completely hydrated. Watering between 2 am – 10 am will conserve water and help avoid lawn disease, thus, reducing your water bill & the need to purchase fungicides.

  • Soil can quickly become compacted if it needs aeration or is covered in thatch more than 1/2 – 1 inch thick. Soil compaction will make it harder for the roots to grow deep and water to penetrate through. Try to aerate your soil, allowing oxygen, water, nutrients, and microbes to move freely. Stay proactive about removing excessive thatch material that is smothering your grass.


If you have any questions about your lawn or need sod, contact The Grass Outlet. We’d love to hear from you!