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A 419 Tifway turf that has been seeded with Rye-grass, displaying a vibrant green throughout the cold season, when all warm season varieties are dormant. Once temperatures heat up and the dormant Tifway begins to green and grow, the Rye-grass blades will begin to disappear.

It is important to keep the Rye-grass regularly mowed so it does not shade out the Tifway below and to maintain the appealing appearance in the photos.

Photos were recently taken from our farm to show the actual green color; other varieties are in various stages of dormancy at this time.


  • Mowing Frequency: Moderate
  • Mowing Height: 0.5 - 2 in
  • Drought Tolerance: Exceptional
  • Cold Tolerance: Exceptional
  • Fall Color Retention: Exceptional
  • Salt Tolerance: Moderate
  • Injury Recovery: High
  • Shade Tolerance: Moderate
  • Wear Resistance: High
  • Weed Resistance: High
  • Spring Green Up: High

Insect Tolerance

  • Web Worms: Moderate
  • Chinch Bugs: Moderate
  • Army Worms: Moderate

Disease Tolerance

  • Decline: High
  • Brown Patch: High
  • Grey Leaf Spot: High