Laying Sod Grass in Winter Weather in TX

December 23, 2020 | Gardening, Grass, posted by Dejan

Most homeowners and commercial property owners know how important it is to maintain a nice appearance on the grounds of their property. Unfortunately, this can be easier said than done once spring rolls around, after many months of intense cold weather. After all, winter weather can cause grass to not only turn significantly less green, but also recede–causing many front lawns to gradually lose their curb appeal. 

Fortunately, you can avoid a ugly dormant lawn in the spring by laying down sod in the winter. In  this informative post, read about the many benefits of laying down sod in the winter, and find out how having it down a season ahead of time can bolster the greenery of your front lawn come spring.

Why Lay Sod Down in the Wintertime?

There are a good number of reasons why you might want to install sod grass into your Texas yard during the most wonderful time of the year – winter. 

First of all, winter rain storms have the capacity to fulfill your lawn watering needs on their own without much extra work being required on your part. Secondly, consider the seasonal temperature changes as they relate to the weather in Texas. Our state has a winter season that is more forgiving and significantly less harsh than the winter months in other parts of the country. With manageable temperatures present during this time of the year, sod grass installed in Texas is granted the perfect amount of time to grow and flourish just as the spring comes into play.

All in all, laying sod grass in winter weather can be very beneficial to your landscaping goals, especially in the state of Texas. However, that being said, it’s especially important that it’s laid down correctly and done right–a topic we’ll cover in the next section.

How To Prep Your Lawn for A Sod Installation

Many experts suggest that before you lay sod down, especially in the wintertime, you should intentionally kill the grass that lies in the area you plan to install sod in. For the best-case scenario, we advise you to remove the grass in the corresponding area and also till the ground there to turn the soil and loosen it up. Doing so until the soil 4-6 inches below the surface is all broken up can ensure you a better chance at success when laying down sod and reduce watering requirements by up to 20-40%, as opposed to laying down sod on the untreated ground. Once you’ve tilled the soil and loosened it up, just level it out with a rake or other tool and move forward with the process.

Best Practices for Laying Sod in Winter

There are also a couple of things you should consider doing when laying sod in the wintertime so that it flourishes in the months to come. 

First, be sure to lay the sod down perpendicularly along the slopes of your property. This will help the sod stay affixed to the ground while also minimizing erosion of the soil that can happen if sod is laid in other ways. Once the sod is laid down, begin to water it as regularly as prescribed, no matter how cold the temperature is. Yes, the sod can get caught in freezing temperatures that might cause the presence of ice, but as long as the sod is of high quality and it’s laid down correctly, everything should be just fine when the freezing temperatures phase out.

Types of Sod Grass to Lay in Wintertime

A final thing to keep in mind when laying down sod in winter, is that not all types of sod grass do well in Texas, and certain types of grass can be especially finicky when laid down in winter. On a similar note, some types of sod grass, like Zoysia, are more readily available and harvested year-round, while others are harvested explicitly during certain times of the year. 

These stipulations make it crucial to do some research before laying down your sod. If you’re unsure whether the sod grass you want will thrive in spring after it’s laid in winter, you’ll want to make sure you contact an expert sod grass specialist to make sure. 

At the Grass Outlet, we provide and distribute premium sod grasses like Zoysia, St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Buffalo to property owners all over the state of Texas year-round, and would be more than happy to match you with the right grass type for your yard, depending on when and where you want it laid.

Contact The Grass Outlet to Lay Quality Sod Grass ASAP 

Whether you’re looking to install sod on your property ASAP or in a couple of months, The Grass Outlet has everything you need to fill your property up with lush, beautiful sod grass that you can be proud of. Contact our expert team today for any questions you may have about our selection and fulfillment process.