September 25, 2013 | Lawn Care, posted by Steve

When we recycle we use materials that we already have and use them again for something else. Similar to the idea of recycling is the concept of grasscycling. Grasscycling is where we keep the grass clippings from when we mow, on our lawns instead of bagging it up and throwing it away. Grass clippings can be used to condition and fertilize our lawn or used as compost for a garden. The point of grasscycling is to reduce the amount of waste that is accumulated from grass clippings and to promote healthier lawns by using something that we already have.

Grass Clipping Waste

caucasian man in a hat mowing the lawn

The accumulation of grass clippings in landfills is creating a lot of waste which is why a solution such as grasscycling is being proposed. The Environment Protection Agency has stated that 18% of landfills are being filled with yard waste that rises up to 50% during growing season. Not only is it an unnecessary expense to bag up all the yard waste but it also has to be handled right and put in a separate area become when grass clippings and yard waste decompose in landfills, they create horribly foul odors.

This means that finding a solution for what to do with grass clippings is necessary. Luckily we can reuse them. Leaving grass clippings on lawns actually aids in the natural nutrient cycle that already goes on. Grass clippings also have nutrients that yards needs and you can use grass clippings as natural fertilizer in your garden.

You can learn more about grasscycling here or contact The Grass Outlet with any questions or concerns you have about your lawn. We would love to hear from you.