Can I Just Wait to Mow the Grass Later?

September 9, 2013 | Grass, posted by Sasha

lawn mowing

Mowing the lawn is not typically everyone’s favorite task to do. It’s something that needs to be completely routinely and regularly. But some might question why bother mowing the grass if it’s just going to grow back again. Or at least, why not just space out mowing times so that it’s done less frequently? Let the grass grow out a bit longer before mowing it down to the regular height? Mowing, for example, every two weeks rather than every week cuts down on the frequency of the chore by half.


While the math checks out in that equation, it’s not exactly a solution. Mowing the lawn regularly at the right frequency is important for your lawn’s development and health for a variety of reasons. Properly cutting the grass promotes healthy growth, which actually encourages and increases the lushness and greenness of the grass. Healthier, more actively growing and renewing grass is more resistant to diseases, a prevention measure that will end up saving you much time and energy; grass diseases aren’t fun. And in any case, a well trimmed lawn simply looks healthier, because it is, and more presentable than an overgrown, droopy lawn.

Tips and Tricks

Mowing the lawn doesn’t have to be a miserable chore. Here are some tips for making your mowing experiences more effective and efficient:

  • Make sure your blades are sharp. If your blades are rusted and old, it will tear the blades of grass. The torn edges will brown and they will act like open wounds, susceptible to disease.

  • The wheel height should be adjusted to an appropriate height. Most warm season grasses should be mowed to around 2 inches.

  • Plan a path that allows you to cover all areas of your lawn exactly once per run through.

  • Clear obstacles and objects that obstruct your mowing path before you start mowing. Things like toys and hoses are a headache to work around when the mowing’s already started and out. Clear everything you can out of the way beforehand to maximize your efficiency.

  • Mow across hills rather than vertically up and down the hills.

  • Don’t mow the grass when it is wet. It will clog the mower and invite fungal diseases.

  • Clean your mower right after mowing the lawn each time. Just run water over the blades to clear out clippings that were left behind.

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