Gas vs Electric Lawn Mowers

August 6, 2013 | Gardening, posted by Sasha

Have you been looking for a lawn mower but can’t decide which type, gas or electric, is right for you? Well, neither is really “better” than the other, but they definitely have their pros and cons. Ultimately, you must weigh your own circumstances and values with the qualities of each. Here is a quick comparison of each type’s attributes to help you make your decision:

Gas Powered Lawn Mowers

  • Better for larger areas (over half an acre)

  • Heavier

  • Better for areas with slopes or uneven surfaces

  • Emits polluting exhaust fumes

  • Loud

  • Can pick up clippings with clipping baggers

  • Needs more maintenance (gas changes, replacing spark plugs, engine maintenance)

  • Need to buy gas to run the mower

  • No time or distance restraints (which is why these are better for larger lawns, since battery charges commonly won’t last long enough for over half an acre)

  • Bulkier and more difficult to store

Electric Powered Lawn Mowers

  • Less efficient for larger areas

  • Lighter

  • No maintenance required outside of keeping the blades sharp and the mower clean.

  • Earth-friendly. No air or noise pollution

  • Some electric powered lawn mowers require cables and cords to power it, which may be a hassle or snag parts of the garden. This would also limit the distance that you can take the mower. A solution to this, however, would be to buy a battery powered mower.

  • Electricity costs don’t fluctuate like gasoline prices

  • $5 of electricity will typically last your mower through the season ($5 of gas is used up very quickly, in comparison!).

  • Doesn’t pick up clippings

  • Easier to store (many have fold up handles, which means it ultimately takes up a lot less space)


Getting a suitable mower will increase the health and look of your lawn. However, if you’re looking for a new start and are considering getting some fresh new sod, contact The Grass Outlet today.