Common Types of Lawn Weeds in Texas

April 30, 2021 | Fertilizing Tips, Pests, posted by Dejan

We want to talk about the common types of yard and garden weeds found throughout Texas when it comes to our outdoor spaces. From dandelions to clover, thistle, asterweed, chickweed, pigweed, henbit, crabgrass, and more, any type of weed could do damage to your yard if left unchecked. There are plenty of different types of lawn weeds in Texas. Not only do these common Texas weeds grow in your lawn or garden space, but they also spread through the soil to contaminate other plants nearby with their seeds. They have the potential to have lasting effects on the plants and grasses in your yard if you don’t do something about them. Check out this list of the common types of weeds in Texas and learn how to identify them so that you can be proactive in keeping your lawn weed-free.

Types of Common Lawn Weeds


Dandelion is a perennial weed that has characteristic yellow flowers on top of its leaves. The roots can extend, and more,  up to three feet deep. These common weeds grow in an array of different colors, depending on the location they were found and the time of year where they are found. Note that they also reproduce at a rapid rate.


Clover is a weed that has flowers with four petals per bloom. This weed can be recognized by its white or pale purple color when it first starts to grow. It’s commonly seen with 3 green leaves, you can’t miss them.


Thistle is a perennial weed that has flowers with a purple color, and its leaves are commonly seen in an orange-brownish hue. It’s also recognized by the spiky appearance of its stem.


Asterweed is a perennial weed that has flowers with long, white petals. The stem can be recognized by its purple coloration and the leaves are typically green in hue.


Chickweed is a common weed that commonly takes root in lawns and yards. It’s a winter annual with flowers that are white or pink in hue, which can be recognized by its oval-shaped leaves.


Pigweed is a common weed found in lawns, pastures, and gardens. It has a green coloration, but its flowers boast a purple-pink hue with large petals.


Henbit is a weed that’s common to Texas soil. It can be recognized by its yellowish coloration with its leaves. It also has notched leaves and if you’re not careful, it can spread via seeds during the latter part of spring.


Crabgrass is one of the most often seen weeds in yards and lawns everywhere. Being that it’s a grass weed, it can go unnoticed in its beginning stages. It can often be recognized by its discoloration and its leaves, which often have serrated edges.

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Weeds can be dangerous to have because they can spread across your entire lawn relatively quickly. Having weeds on your lawn can damage the aesthetics of your beautiful landscaping, no matter how much work you’ve put in to keep your yard neat, clean, and pristine. Without weeds, the grass on your lawn would have the room to grow inhibited, under your care and maintenance, of course. Instead, it’s very important for property owners to catch weeds before they spread and stop them in their tracks with some kind of inhibitor. It’s also important to take care of your property’s lawn with healthy, durable grass that you can trust. For any sod grass needs you may have, contact The Grass Outlet and get matched with high-quality sod grass as soon as possible!